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Is skin and liver cancer also linked?

Is skin and liver cancer also linked?


Is skin and liver cancer also linked?  The doctor reminds: People suffering from liver cancer have three things in common with their skin.


Is skin and liver cancer also linked?

Relevant studies have shown that there are more than 500 biochemical reactions completed in the liver!

The liver is also known as the “head of the five internal organs” in clinical practice. It is located in the upper right abdomen of the human body. It is the largest and most complex of all internal organs. The functions of the liver include detoxification metabolism, digestion, endocrine balance, blood coagulation and many other aspects.

Relevant studies have shown that there are more than 500 biochemical reactions completed in the liver!


And such an organ that has an important role in the human body is actually a “dumb”. Because the liver has no peripheral nerves and its compensatory ability is very strong, patients often have no typical symptoms in the early stages of liver disease. Especially in the early stages of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer, the patient even has no abnormal symptoms and liver function screening is normal!

Because of this, most of the liver cancer patients in some countries have entered a stage of extensive invasion and metastasis when they are diagnosed, and cancer cells have begun to attack other tissues and organs of the patient. In the advanced stage of liver cancer patients, even if they receive regular treatment, their condition may worsen in just a few months, have cancer emergencies, complications, or organ failure, and die as a result!



In fact, from a clinical point of view, liver cancer is not without signals. It is necessary to know that the liver is involved in multiple functions, so after its cancerous transformation and decline in function, even if the liver is not abnormal, the patient may also be accompanied by other symptoms. For example, the following skin abnormalities may be signals sent by liver cancer:

1. Yellow stains of sclera and skin

The so-called sclera refers to the 5/6 part of the back of the fiber membrane of the human eyeball, which appears milky white when the body is healthy. Once the sclera and skin are abnormally yellow, this is often a sign of the arrival of liver disease.

After the liver becomes cancerous, the liver cells will be affected by the cancer and cause the function to decline. At the same time, the tumor can also oppress or invade the intrahepatic bile ducts, causing the liver to fail to metabolize bilirubin normally, and bile cannot be discharged smoothly, which in turn induces jaundice. When the patient’s skin is yellowish, it is affected by the deposition of bile salts, and it can also be accompanied by different degrees of skin itching.



2. Dark complexion

The complexion of healthy people should be ruddy and shiny, but patients with liver cirrhosis or liver cancer are different. Because liver cancer destroys liver function, the liver cannot balance the body secretion normally. A large amount of tyrosine produces melanin under the action of tyrosinase, and the estrogen secreted by the adrenal glands and ovaries stimulates the deposition of melanin on the patient’s face. Symptoms such as dull and dull complexion, dark complexion, and dark circles under the eyes appear.

In addition, patients may also be accompanied by dilated capillaries at the tip of the nose, and even have a bronzed face. Clinically, these symptoms are collectively referred to as “liver disease face.”



3. Spider mole

The so-called spider nevus is a symptom caused by the abnormal expansion of capillaries from the body surface. A mole with red spots or plaques as the center can appear on the limbs, face, trunk and other parts of the patient, and there are a lot of thin blood vessels around it. , It looks like a spider.

The reason why patients with liver cancer have spider moles is because the liver is an organ that inactivates estrogen. After the liver function declines, the estrogen secreted by the adrenal glands, ovaries and other organs cannot be metabolized normally. A large amount of estrogen is continuously deposited in the body, stimulating abnormal expansion of the capillaries on the patient’s body surface, and finally forming spider nevi.


The above three skin abnormalities may be signs of liver disease, but this does not mean that the liver has become cancerous. After all, there are many causes of skin abnormalities, such as liver cirrhosis, viral hepatitis, gallbladder disease and so on.

Therefore, these symptoms are nothing more than abnormal signals sent by the body. If you want to know what is wrong inside the body, you need to conduct a close inspection in the next step.


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