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Why are most liver cancers diagnosed at an advanced stage?

Why are most liver cancers diagnosed at an advanced stage?


Why are most liver cancers diagnosed at an advanced stage? There are 3 phenomena, suggesting that the liver may be “pathological.   What symptoms of the body indicate severe liver damage?

Why are most liver cancers diagnosed at an advanced stage?

The liver is an organ in the human body whose main function is metabolism.  It can secrete bile to help digestion. It can also promote the metabolism of fat, carbohydrates and vitamins in the body, and it can promote the synthesis of protein in the body, which is very important for human health. Important role.

It’s just that in daily life, the liver can cause liver problems due to various factors such as excessive drinking, drug abuse, virus infection, and diet.

Since the internal tissues of the liver do not have painful nerves, general liver diseases will not cause some discomfort to the patient. Once the abnormal performance occurs repeatedly, it indicates that the liver is seriously damaged.

If not treated in time, the risk of liver cancer is particularly high.


What symptoms of the body indicate severe liver damage?

1. Abnormal physical bleeding

If the liver function declines, or the patient suffers from some liver diseases, the patient’s liver function will decline, which will cause the blood coagulation function in the body to become impaired.

In this way, the patient will have repeated abnormal physical bleeding, such as nose bleeding.

For example, when sleeping at night, the patient will suddenly wake up from nose bleeding. When working, studying or doing other things during the day, nose bleeding can also occur suddenly.

This phenomenon does not have any regularity, and has nothing to do with factors such as diet, staying up late, and emotions.

In addition to nosebleeds, patients also experience repeated gum bleeding due to decreased blood clotting ability. Even if the patient does not brush their teeth or eat, the gums will bleed for no reason.

In addition, there will be some bleeding spots and inexplicable purple spots on the skin and mucous membranes of the patient. For some females, when menstruation comes, there will be excessive menstrual flow and prolonged menstrual periods.


2. Non-specific gastrointestinal symptoms

When suffering from hepatitis, fatty liver, cirrhosis or other liver diseases, patients will show a series of gastrointestinal symptoms. These symptoms do not have any regularity, so they are called non-specific gastrointestinal symptoms.

The liver has the effect of promoting digestion. Once the liver function declines or there are some problems in the liver, it will affect the secretion of bile, which will seriously affect the digestive function of the human body. The patient will repeatedly experience nausea, vomiting, and decreased digestive ability. phenomenon.

When there are some symptoms of indigestion, the patient’s appetite will also drop rapidly. In severe cases, it may even show anorexia and anorexia problems.

Due to the large reduction of nutrients entering the body, patients will show some symptoms such as malnutrition and anemia.


3. Repeated discomfort in the liver area

There are no painful nerves in the liver area. If it is just a simple decline in liver function or fatty liver, it will not cause the patient to experience repeated liver discomfort.

Once the right upper abdomen and upper middle abdomen continue to have dull pain or swelling pain, you must be vigilant. This kind of liver discomfort is a major feature of liver cirrhosis and even liver cancer.

All in all, when the liver has problems, the patients will have the above three symptoms repeatedly in their daily life.

In addition, a series of symptoms such as body weight loss and yellowing of the skin will also appear.


Once these problems occur, you must quickly go to a regular hospital for treatment.

If it is caused by some liver diseases, only early treatment can ensure liver health to the greatest extent


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