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Couple cancer: Your risks will increase if your sponse has cancer

Couple cancer: Your risks will increase if your sponse has cancer


Couple cancer: Your risks will increase if your sponse has cancer.   Talk about “couple cancer” you may not know.

First of all, we must make it clear that couple cancer is not caused by infection.  Everyone has heard of “husband and wife” that two people who have lived under the same roof for a long time will look and behave more and more like each other. but do you know?

There is  a phenomenon called “couple cancer”, which sounds scary, but it is real.

Couple cancer refers to the fact that both spouses suffer from cancer simultaneously or successively.

In 2015, a study by the World Health Organization’s Shanghai Cancer Research Cooperation Center showed that 5 out of 100 couples who died may have “couple cancer”.

A similar conclusion also comes from a survey conducted by the Nanjing Cancer Friends Rehabilitation Association. There are more than 9,200 cancer patients in the association. Among them, two couples or more than one family have a 20% chance of getting cancer at the same time.

Couple cancer: Your risks will increase if your sponse has cancer

How does couple cancer happen?

First of all, we must make it clear that couple cancer is not caused by infection.

Cancer is not contagious! The so-called infection, to put it simply, is the spread of a certain disease from one person to another through a certain way. Three conditions must be met for infection: source of infection, route of transmission, and susceptible people, all of which are indispensable. Clinical data proves that cancer patients themselves are not the source of infection. So far, there is no international scientific research evidence that can directly prove that cancer can be spread through daily lifestyles such as kissing, contact, sex, and sharing utensils.


So, how does couple cancer come from? Studies have proved that the root cause of “couple cancer” is the similar lifestyle and consistent living environment between husband and wife. Due to living together for a long time, the habits of the husband and wife in terms of diet, work and rest, thinking, etc. gradually become the same. There are many “carcinogenic factors” among them, such as:

1. Bad habits

Living under the same roof, most couples will have the same work and rest, diet, and exercise habits. Unhealthy living habits can cause great harm to the health of both parties, and even cause cancer risks. For example, if the husband in the family smokes, the wife will suffer health threats due to passive smoking, and both husband and wife may develop lung cancer at a certain time. Studies have found that many “couple lung cancers” are caused by the husband’s smoking. Another example is that if both husband and wife eat a pot of rice, if they have poor eating habits for a long time, both parties are at risk of cancer. Families who like to eat pickled and grilled food may develop stomach cancer; families who consume a large amount of cooked red meat products for a long time have a significant increase in the risk of rectal cancer.


2. Negative emotions

If the husband and wife are in a disharmonious family atmosphere for a long time, anxiety, complaining and nervous emotions may become the fuse of “couple cancer”. In addition, there is another situation. If you find that your spouse has cancer, the other person will be subjected to a severe test, both mentally and physically. Under tremendous pressure, the body’s immunity will drop sharply, and many cancer cells will “take advantage of their weakness” at this time.


3. Environmental factors

The threat of environmental pollution to human health is becoming more and more serious. If you live together in a harmful environment for a long time and accumulate, the carcinogenic factors lurking in the environment may cause “couple cancer” or even “family cancer”.


4. Virus infection

Cancer itself is not contagious, but certain microorganisms that may cause cancer can spread among people. For example, hepatitis B virus may be transmitted to spouses through sexual life, and hepatitis B patients are the people with a high risk of liver cancer.


How to prevent couple cancer?

Prevention of couple canceris the focus. Professor Yumin He of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine gives several suggestions on how to prevent couple cancer:

1. Adjust your mentality and maintain a positive and optimistic attitude towards life and work. If one of the spouses is sick, for the patient, he should be good at controlling his emotions, adopt a positive and optimistic attitude, treat the disease correctly, build confidence, cooperate with the treatment, and laugh in life; for the family members, one should not be excessively sad For depression, we should encourage and accompany the patient more to help them tide over the difficulties.

2. Actively participate in social activities and participate in healthy physical exercises as appropriate.

3. Adjust the dietary structure and get rid of bad eating habits. For example, eat less high-fat foods and sweets; eat less salted, smoked, fried, grilled, and food additives that contain food additives; do not eat moldy foods; do not drink a lot of alcohol.



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