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4 main reasons cause gastric cancer

4 main reasons cause gastric cancer


4 main reasons cause gastric cancer.  What are the factors related to the appearance of gastric cancer?

As we all know, there are more male patients with gastric cancer than female patients, and most of them suffer from gastric cancer due to improper diet or bad habits. Gastric cancer has a great impact on human health, and this disease is showing a younger trend, so young people need to prevent it at all times. So, what are the factors related to the appearance of gastric cancer?

4 main reasons cause gastric cancer


What are the factors related to gastric cancer?

1. The appearance of gastric cancer is related to gastric disease.

Many people suffer from gastric cancer because the gastric disease has not been treated in time, and then develops cancer after it deteriorates. People with frequent stomach pains, indigestion, and diarrhea are prone to gastric cancer, and people who like to drink, overeating, eat high-calorie foods, and have irregular schedules are more likely to develop gastric cancer. If there are symptoms of gastric polyps, gastric ulcers, and gastric bleeding in life, they must be treated immediately, otherwise severe gastric lesions may induce cancer.

2. Helicobacter pylori infection can also lead to the appearance of gastric cancer.

Studies have found that after Helicobacter pylori enters the human body, it can induce chronic active gastritis. As the disease progresses, the patient’s digestive tract will develop ulcers, and the gastric mucosa is damaged and aggravated. If chronic gastritis has intestinal metaplasia, it means that it is already very serious. Under the influence of some factors, it is easy to develop gastric cancer.

3. The appearance of gastric cancer is related to the environment and diet.

Regional differences can judge that the environment will induce gastric cancer. People in coastal areas often eat preserved seafood and fish foods. These foods contain carcinogens, and long-term consumption can easily induce cancer. In addition, I usually like to smoke and drink, overeating, staying up late, etc., many factors combine to induce physical diseases.

4. The appearance of gastric cancer is related to genetic factors.

Investigations have found that if many people in the family suffer from gastric cancer, it needs to be taken seriously. Many people with immediate family relationships are at high risk, and the probability of developing gastric cancer will increase greatly. In addition, genetic and molecular biology studies have shown that the incidence of gastric cancer in relatives of gastric cancer patients is four times higher than that of the control group. Because the eating habits in the family are basically the same, there is no difference in the living environment. If there is a bad diet or a bad environment, it can also induce gastric cancer.





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