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Gastric cancer screening by Magnetical controlled capsule gastroscope

Gastric cancer screening by Magnetical controlled capsule gastroscope


Gastric cancer screening by Magnetical controlled capsule gastroscope.  Asymptomatic early, gastric cancer screening is very important! Magnetical-control capsule gastroscope can do it.

Gastric cancer screening by Magnetical controlled capsule gastroscope

The prognosis of gastric cancer is closely related to the timing of diagnosis. For patients with early gastric cancer, whether with or without lymph node metastasis, the 5-year survival rate after surgery can exceed 90%.


Early gastric cancer is asymptomatic, it is important to standardize screening

The occurrence of gastric cancer is a long and gradual process, which provides the possibility of screening and intervention for high-risk groups of gastric cancer. The biggest feature of early gastric cancer is that there are no symptoms. Therefore, active screening of high-risk groups of gastric cancer is an important measure to improve the diagnosis and treatment rate of early gastric cancer. Li Zhaoshen, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and an expert in gastroenterology, said: “Finding an early cancer can save a life and save a family.” For patients with gastric cancer with a high early cure rate, if they can be detected early, it will be lucky.


People at high risk of gastric cancer should raise awareness of early screening

According to some countries’s national conditions and gastric cancer epidemiological studies, those who meet any of the following items 1 and 2 to 5 should be listed as high-risk groups for gastric cancer, and they are recommended as screening targets.

1. There is no restriction on men and women over 40 years old.

2. People in areas with high incidence of gastric cancer.

3. Helicobacter pylori infection, chronic atrophic gastritis, gastric ulcer, gastric polyps, postoperative remnant stomach, hypertrophic gastritis, pernicious anemia and other gastric precancerous diseases.

4. There are gastric cancer patients in close relatives (parents, children, siblings).

5. There are other high risk factors (high salt, salted diet and smoking, drinking, etc.).

The above-mentioned high-risk populations should undergo serological screening once a year. If abnormalities are found, gastroscopy is required to achieve early detection and early treatment of gastric cancer.



What are the screening methods for gastric cancer?

The current screening methods for gastric cancer mainly include the following.

●Barium meal of upper gastrointestinal tract

Some early gastric cancer can be found, but due to the inability to take a biopsy and the presence of radiation, it is not currently the first choice for screening.

●Serology screening

It mainly includes the detection of pepsinogen (PGⅠ, PGⅠ/PGⅡ ratio), gastrin-17 and Helicobacter pylori antibody. It has the advantages of non-invasive, simple and convenient, but there are problems such as low sensitivity and specificity.

●Gastroscopy and gastroscopic biopsy

It is the current gold standard for the diagnosis of gastric cancer. It has certain technical and equipment and site requirements, and its poor acceptance by the population limits its application in large-scale population screening. (Although anesthesia gastroscope can improve comfort, there are still adverse anesthesia events And taboo crowd).

●Magnetic control capsule gastroscope

Magnetically controlled capsule gastroscopy technology breaks through. Passive capsule endoscopes at home and abroad can only move with the peristalsis of the digestive tract, and cannot locate its accurate position in the digestive tract, nor can it be limited by the technology that the doctor actively controls. It is precisely controlled by the original magnetic field Under the control of technology, the passive capsule endoscope becomes a capsule robot with “eyes and feet”. It only requires the patient to swallow a capsule endoscope with water, and the stomach examination can be completed in about 15 minutes, which truly realizes a noninvasive, painless and anesthetized gastroscopy.



What are the advantages of magnetically controlled capsule gastroscope

●Clear image and high accuracy

Magnetically controlled capsule gastroscope is an emerging examination method. With this system, doctors can control the movement of the capsule robot in the stomach through the external magnetic field accurately controlled by the software in real time, change the capsule posture, and take photos of the lesion according to the required angle. So as to achieve the purpose of comprehensive observation and diagnosis of gastric mucosa. In this process, the image is wirelessly transmitted to the portable recorder, and after the data is exported, it can continue to be played back to improve the accuracy of the diagnosis.

●No pain, no invasiveness, no anesthesia, no risk of cross infection

There are many advantages of this inspection method, such as the small size of the capsule, it will not cause foreign body sensation when entering the human body, and there is no need for anesthesia during the inspection, and it will not cause trauma and adverse reactions to the human body. This kind of capsule is made of sterile, corrosion-resistant polymer material, which is non-toxic and does not cause irritation to the human body. It is disposable and will not cause cross-infection.

●Easy to operate and quick to check

Magnetically controlled capsule gastroscope also has the advantage of quick examination. The patient only needs to swallow the capsule with water, and the gastric examination can be completed in about 15 minutes. Moreover, the image obtained by this inspection method is relatively clear, because the high-definition camera, combined with automatic exposure control, can provide doctors with good inspection results, which is helpful for doctors to treat after clarifying the condition.


Are there any disadvantages to magnetically controlled capsule gastroscope?

●The charge of magnetically controlled capsule gastroscope is more expensive than ordinary gastroscope.

●Magnetic controlled capsule gastroscope is mainly used for the observation and diagnosis of gastric diseases. Pathological biopsy and endoscopic treatment cannot be performed. Compared with electronic gastroscope, magnetically controlled capsule gastroscope sometimes cannot observe the esophagus and duodenum completely. Therefore, magnetically controlled capsule gastroscope is more suitable for people who do not have gastrointestinal symptoms to screen for early gastric diseases.

●Due to disease reasons or individual differences in the anatomy of the digestive tract, the magnetically controlled capsule gastroscope may remain in the body, leading to unsuccessful examinations and obstruction of the digestive tract. If necessary, it needs to be removed by endoscopy or surgery. Those who are known or suspected of having gastrointestinal obstruction, stenosis or fistula, and diseases that easily cause capsules to stay in the digestive tract are not suitable for this examination.


Who is the magnetic control capsule gastroscope suitable for?

●Regular review of patients with digestive system history, including polyps, inflammation, ulcers, bleeding, etc.

●Long-term oral anticoagulant drugs, patients who need to stop the drug for more than 7 days before they can perform conventional electronic gastroscopy and painless gastroscopy.

●High-risk groups of upper gastrointestinal tumors, including family history, poor eating habits, often working under high pressure, irregular life, frequent heavy drinking, etc.

● Routine physical examination for healthy people.

● Screening for high-risk groups of digestive tract diseases.






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