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Australia worry about Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines after 33 died in Norway

Australia worry about Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines after 33 died in Norway


Australia worry about Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines after 33 died in Norway.  33 elderly people in Norway died after being vaccinated by Pfizer, Australia, which ordered 10 million doses, began to worry.

Australia worry about Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines after 33 died in Norway


[Global Times reporter Wang Yi] Last Friday, the Norwegian Medicines Agency reported that 23 people died after receiving Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. On the 17th, this number increased to 29. According to the “New York Times” report on the 18th, in Norway, at least 33 elderly people in nursing homes died after being vaccinated with Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, which caused many countries to question the safety of the vaccine. At present, the cause of death of vaccinators is still under investigation, but Australia, which has ordered 10 million doses of vaccine from Pfizer, has begun to worry.

According to reports, Norwegian health officials said on the 17th that Pfizer vaccines are safe. Pfizer vaccine manufacturer also stated on the 17th that the Norwegian government gives priority to vaccinating residents of nursing homes, most of whom are elderly people with basic diseases, and some are already dying. Steiner Madsen, medical director of the Norwegian Medicines Agency, explained that in such patients, even the routine side effects of the vaccine may cause serious complications, but the risk of new coronavirus pneumonia is greater.

However, the Norwegian Medicines Agency’s statement the day before was not the case. According to a report from New Delhi TV on the 18th, the Norwegian Medicines Agency said on the 16th that Pfizer vaccine is currently the only vaccine available in Norway, so all deaths after vaccination are related to this vaccine. The preliminary assessment report showed that all deaths were related to elderly people with serious underlying diseases, and most people experienced expected side effects after vaccination, such as nausea, vomiting, fever, etc., as well as the deterioration of the underlying disease.

However, Australia, which has ordered Pfizer vaccines, is clearly beginning to worry. According to a report from Sydney Broadcasting Corporation of Australia on the 18th, the country’s health minister, Hunter, confirmed that relevant Australian authorities have contacted Pfizer and will seek more information about the death from Norway. Australian Foreign Minister Payne has also instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to directly seek advice from the Norwegian government. However, Australian Deputy Prime Minister McCormack tried to dispel the doubts of the public.

He emphasized on the 17th that the launch of the vaccine will be “swift and safe.” “This is why we didn’t put all our eggs in one basket. We have other options.” The Sydney Broadcasting Corporation said that Pfizer vaccine is only for Australia. A small part of the vaccine plan. Once the COVID-19 vaccine produced by AstraZeneca is approved, Australia will prefer to use the latter.

Bloomberg reported on the 17th that because governments are eager to introduce vaccines and try to control the global epidemic, there are few official reports on vaccine allergic reactions. U.S. authorities reported 21 cases of severe allergic reactions between December 14 and 23 last year. Prior to this, they had injected about 1.9 million doses of Pfizer vaccine.

Even so, vaccination is still advancing rapidly. CNN said on the 17th that as the death toll in the United States approaches 400,000, states are seeking more COVID-19 vaccines. According to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as of the 16th, the United States has received at least 12.2 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. However, the California Department of Public Health said on the 17th that due to the high number of allergies caused by a batch of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, it has requested that the distribution of this particular batch be suspended.

According to the report, a vaccination report from a community clinic showed that there were up to 10 allergic reactions to the vaccine within 24 hours, which is considered an abnormally high number. State officials say the expected rate of allergic reactions to similar vaccines is usually around one in 100,000.


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