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What diseases caused bleeding in urine?

What diseases caused bleeding in urine?

What diseases caused bleeding in urine?  There are many causes of urinary bleeding, and it is impossible to judge the disease based on urinary bleeding alone.

What diseases caused bleeding in urine?

Urinary bleeding has the following diseases:

  • glomerulus nephritis,
  • Urinary tract infection,
  • Urinary system stones,
  • Nutcracker syndrome,
  • Epidemic hemorrhagic fever,
  • Blood system tumors and aplastic anemia,
  • Lupus nephritis,
  • Purpura nephritis,
  • Kidney tuberculosis and trauma caused kidney damage,
  • Tumors of the urinary system.

Excessive diet and exercise, insufficient drinking water, lack of nutrition, high-salt diet, chemicals, anti-tumor drugs, and anticoagulants are common causes of hematuria. Long-term exposure to heavy metals will also increase the incidence of hematuria.

There are many causes of blood in the urine. It is not possible to judge the disease based solely on the bleeding in the urine. You need to go to a regular hospital for further examination.

Most clinical considerations of bleeding in urine are caused by urinary tract and kidney diseases, such as:

  • glomerulus nephritis,
  • Urinary tuberculosis,
  • Urethritis,
  • Urinary system fungal infection,
  • Trauma etc.,

It can also be considered due to systemic diseases, such as:

  • Allergic purpura,
  • leukemia,
  • anemia,
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus,
  • Diseases such as congestive heart failure,
  • Symptoms caused by urinary stones,

It is recommended to follow the doctor’s instructions to use anti-inflammatory drugs based on the response. Routine urine and color Doppler ultrasound examinations can be performed regularly to confirm the diagnosis. According to the examination results, symptomatic anti-inflammatory treatments.

If you have frequent urinary bleeding and even weight loss, you should be alert to the possibility of cancer of the urinary system. It is recommended to drink more warm water in daily life to promote metabolism, avoid spicy, irritating, and greasy foods, avoid smoking, avoid drinking alcohol, and take more rest. Keep warm, pay attention to personal hygiene, and maintain a happy mood.

Urinary tract infections can be relieved by drinking more water. Urinary system infections are generally caused by drinking too little water, getting angry, and vaginitis irritating the local affected area. It can cause pain in the urethra, progressive dysuria, burning of the urethra and vagina. It is recommended that you should go to the hospital for urine testing in time and drink plenty of water, so as to achieve the dual role of excretion and flushing the urinary tract and promote urine excretion.

Iodophor disinfection of the urethral or vaginal mouth to avoid infection and do not be afraid of urination. This is also an aid to treatment

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