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Why current COVID-19 vaccination age between 18-59 in China?

Why current COVID-19 vaccination age between 18-59 in China?

Why current COVID-19 vaccination age between 18-59 in China?  On December 31, 2020, Sinopharm’s China Bio- COVID-19 Inactivated Vaccine was approved for marketing. At present, it has begun to vaccinate key populations in many places. So far, the number of people inoculated in China has exceeded 10 million.

Why current COVID-19 vaccination age between 18-59 in China? 

When can ordinary people be vaccinated? When can children and the elderly be vaccinated? What does 79.34% efficiency mean? Big question mark in a small head

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01. Elderly people are susceptible, and children have strong communication ability, so they should be vaccinated as soon as possible!

On January 19, the internationally renowned journal Lancet “Lancet infectious disease” published online an epidemiological study on the intra-family transmission of the new coronavirus by the team of the School of Public Health of Huazhong University of Science and Technology.


The study focused on the characteristics of virus transmission in 27,101 new coronavirus families in Wuhan, and found that-babies and adolescents are less susceptible to the new coronavirus in the family than the elderly, but their transmission power is stronger.

In addition, the study also found:

1) Compared with people of other ages, people over 60 are at the highest risk of contracting the new coronavirus.

2) The susceptibility of children aged 2.0-1 is higher than that of children aged 2-5 and 6-12.

3) When the contact time is the same, the ability of children and adolescent cases (below 20 years old) to infect others is 1.58 times that of people 60 years and older.

4) The ability of asymptomatic infected persons to infect others is much lower than that of confirmed cases with clinical symptoms, while confirmed cases with symptoms have a stronger transmission power before the onset (incubation period) than after the onset.

5) After the implementation of strict epidemic intervention measures (such as isolation of cases and close contacts and restrictions on travel), the first generation and secondary cases have declined.


From the above survey data, it can be found that China should vaccinate children aged 3-17 and 60-year-olds with the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible. When will it be possible?


02. Why is the age of 18-59 years old for COVID-19 vaccination?


In a recent CCTV “News 1+1” interview, Yang Xiaoming, chairman of Sinopharm Group China Biotech, gave the answer.

In terms of the design of clinical observations, all age groups have been observed, and clinical trial data of the population have been made. 3 to 17 years old belong to the youth group, 18 to 59 years old is the young and middle-aged group, 60 years old and above are the group, and all age groups can be vaccinated.

The reason why it is currently restricted to the age group of 18 to 59 is because the young and middle-aged group is the first to join the group and has the most complete data, and is the first recommended population.

The age group of 3-17 years old and above 60 years old is being declared. Based on the data currently obtained and the application procedures of the Food and Drug Administration, it can be expanded to 3-17 years old before March.


03. When can ordinary people be vaccinated?


Three steps to China’s COVID-19 vaccination

first step

Vaccinate key populations and those with a high risk of infection. Including the emergency use of the COVID-19 vaccine from June this year to the relatively large-scale vaccination of key populations on December 15.

Second step

Vaccination for people who are prone to severe illness after being infected with the new coronavirus. It mainly includes the elderly and people with underlying diseases.

third step

Expanded vaccination to the entire population


It is understood that China National Pharmaceutical Group is now expanding its production capacity. Although it has not clearly stated when it will be the ordinary person’s turn to be vaccinated, Honzhi believes that with mass production, everyone will be vaccinated soon. I am looking forward to it!


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