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COVID-19 vaccination exceeded 15 million people in China

COVID-19 vaccination exceeded 15 million people in China

COVID-19 vaccination exceeded 15 million people in China. China News Service, January 20. Wang Bin, Inspector of the Bureau of Disease Control and Prevention of the National Health Commission, said on the 20th that up to now, the number of COVID-19 vaccination in China has exceeded 15 million.

COVID-19 vaccination exceeded 15 million people in China
On January 14, in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, medical workers received the COVID-19 vaccine at the Heping Community Health Service Center. Photo by China News Agency reporter Wei Liang

On the afternoon of the 20th, the State Council’s Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism held a press conference on the epidemic prevention and control situation around the Spring Festival. At the meeting, a reporter asked: The first question is how many Chinese citizens does the Chinese government plan to vaccinate before the Spring Festival? If there is such a plan, how do you hope to implement such a plan? It is also about vaccination. Do you have any plans to include children and adolescents in the scope of vaccination? The second question is about the recent epidemics in Hebei and Northeast China. How did you assess this? Is the epidemic expected to reach an inflection point before the Spring Festival?

Wang Bin responded that the current China’s COVID-19 vaccination work is progressing steadily and orderly, and the overall work is very smooth. It is gradually advanced in accordance with the principles of separation of urban and rural areas, priority of ports, and priority and order. The determination of this principle is based on our country’s overall epidemic prevention and control strategy of foreign defense import and internal defense rebound. Therefore, the current focus of work is the COVID-19 vaccination work for some key populations engaged in international and domestic transportation from border ports. In addition, some employees who ensure the basic operation of society and those who provide public services to the society will be given priority as key groups. The overall work is stable and orderly. So far, the number of inoculations has exceeded 15 million.

“Before the Spring Festival, I think we will continue to carry out related work normally according to the current strategy and our work plan.” Wang Bin said that during this period, we have carried out a series of activities to ensure the smooth progress of the inoculation work. jobs.

First of all, the State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism has organized expert groups to conduct work guidance in various places and help localities to formulate vaccination plans.

The second aspect is to reasonably determine vaccination sites and train professionals according to the number of different key populations in various places and the needs of epidemic prevention and control, as well as the allocation of local medical and health resources, the number of local personnel, and the size of the team. personnel.

The third aspect is to play the role of informatization. After vaccination, the information of all vaccinators must be recorded by means of informatization. Because each person has to inoculate two doses, continuous recording is a must for standardized vaccination. An indispensable link.

The fourth aspect is to carry out standardized vaccination in the process of vaccination in accordance with the requirements of a series of work training before vaccination, including the daily requirements of “three checks, seven to one verification” and so on. At the vaccination site, each recipient shall be vaccinated in a standardized manner. At the same time, the quality of medical services shall be ensured. In this process, many abnormal reactions shall be prepared to ensure the safety of every vaccinator.

“According to the above prevention and control measures and our specific work arrangements, I think our vaccination work during and around the Spring Festival will continue smoothly and steadily. With the continuous advancement of the vaccination work, we will also according to the needs of the work and the vaccination plan. Gradually expanding the vaccinated population to include our children, our elderly, and other general populations, will enable our vaccinations to exert greater practical effects and contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic.” Wang Bin said.

In response to the second question, Feng Zijian, deputy director of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that after the outbreak in Hebei and Northeast China, both places took very firm and effective measures to control the epidemic. The core prevention and control measures include testing, diagnosis, and timely. Finding infected persons and patients, isolating them in time, and strengthening the discovery, tracking, and management of close contacts are the core measures for the second round. The third is to take strict control over key communities. These measures have been proved to be very effective in the epidemic prevention and control process in the past year. With the implementation of these core measures, it is believed that the epidemic will be very effectively contained.

Feng Zijian said that according to the number of new epidemics reported every day, the growth of the epidemic in Hebei has been significantly curbed. The prevention and control measures for the epidemic in Northeast China, especially in Heilongjiang, are also being implemented. I believe that with the implementation of these measures, Heilongjiang Province The epidemic will be effectively controlled as soon as possible


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