May 26, 2024

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China plans to deliver 10 million COVID-19 vaccines to developing countries

China plans to deliver 10 million COVID-19 vaccines to developing countries


China plans to deliver 10 million COVID-19 vaccines to developing countries. China delivered the COVID-19 vaccine to Zimbabwe and other 7 countries during the Spring Festival.

China plans to deliver 10 million COVID-19 vaccines to developing countries

At the regular press conference of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the 18th, a reporter asked: During the Spring Festival holiday, China is still providing vaccines to the outside world. Can you tell us about the situation?

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said that UN Secretary-General Guterres proposed a global vaccination plan and we support Secretary-General Guterres’ efforts to achieve fair access to vaccines. Under the current situation, China is open to any initiative that helps to achieve a fair distribution of vaccines. We are willing to maintain communication and coordination with all parties. The Chinese dialect is imperative and is committed to making vaccines a global public product and promoting the availability and affordability of vaccines in developing countries.

Hua Chunying said that China is the first to join the WHO “Global Cooperation to Accelerate the Development, Production, and Fair Access to New Tools for Prevention and Control of New coronavirus Pneumonia” initiative, and actively develop vaccine research and development cooperation with more than 10 countries, with a total of more than 100 different nationalities. Ten thousand volunteers participated. China joins and supports the “COVID-19 Vaccine Implementation Plan.” At the request of WHO, China decided to provide 10 million doses of domestic vaccine to the “implementation plan” to meet the urgent needs of developing countries.

China has provided vaccine assistance to 53 developing countries that have requested it. China supports relevant companies to export vaccines to countries that urgently need to obtain vaccines, recognize Chinese vaccines, and have authorized the emergency use of Chinese vaccines in their own countries, and have exported vaccines to 22 countries. At the same time, China actively leverages its industrial chain advantages to support and assist other countries to process and produce vaccine products in China or locally, and help increase global production capacity. China has decided to join the Friends of the COVID-19 Vaccine Group for peacekeepers and donate vaccines to UN peacekeepers.

Hua Chunying pointed out that during the Spring Festival, we did not stop in providing and assisting vaccines. We delivered vaccines to seven countries including Zimbabwe, Turkey, Peru, Morocco, Senegal, Hungary, and the United Arab Emirates. The leaders of Hungary and many other countries greeted them at the airport and expressed their sincere thanks to China for its assistance and provision of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Hua Chunying said that with the joint efforts of governments, companies and scientists from all over the world, the COVID-19 vaccine is currently being developed and produced at a record speed, but there is an urgent need to solve the “capacity deficit” and “distribution deficit.” All parties should join hands to resist vaccine “nationalism” and promote the fair and reasonable distribution of vaccines, especially to achieve accessibility and affordability in developing countries, including conflict countries.

Hua Chunying emphasized that China’s international cooperation on the COVID-19 vaccine is to make the nCOVID-19 vaccine truly a global public product. China will continue to strengthen cooperation with all parties in various fields such as vaccines, prevention and control, and make China’s contribution to promoting the construction of a human health community and winning the final victory in the global fight against the epidemic.




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