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Everyone who gets COVID-19 vaccine will receive a “vaccination card” in US

Everyone who gets COVID-19 vaccine will receive a “vaccination card” in US

Everyone who gets COVID-19 vaccine will receive a “vaccination card” in US. According to the CNN website, the US Department of Defense released a set of photos of the “Vaccination Record Card” and “Vaccination Kit” of the COVID-19 pneumonia vaccine on December 2, which can be used to promote the large-scale promotion of the vaccine.

Everyone who gets COVID-19 vaccine will receive a "vaccination card" in US

Kelly Moore, deputy director of the Immunization Action Alliance, said that the vaccination card can be used as one of the “easiest” ways to record a person’s vaccination status. Everyone will receive a card that can be put in their wallet, which records what vaccine has been given, when the next dose will be given, and so on. It seems very simple and can make everyone understand the measures, which can provide the greatest support for front-line staff.

The clinic in charge of vaccination can report to the State Immunization Registry on the card what vaccine has been given. In this way, the clinic can systematically check when and where the vaccinators have received which vaccine, avoiding multiple injections or injecting different kinds of vaccines.

Many regional plans in the United States require vaccinators to provide a mobile phone number and receive a text message after the vaccination to remind the time and place of the next injection. Claire Hannan, executive director of the Association of Immunization Managers, said that the US CDC will receive a report of every injection record.


At the same time as the vaccination card, there is also a vaccination kit, which contains a card, syringe, alcohol cotton cloth and mask. The US Department of Defense has prepared 100 million vaccination kits to start the distribution of vaccines. Currently, Pfizer and Moderna are waiting for the FDA to approve the emergency use authorization, and they are expected to receive the approval results on December 10 and 17, respectively. If authorized, the vaccine will be vaccinated for the first time on December 15 and 22. The two companies are expected to provide 40 million doses. Based on two doses per person, about 20 million people can be vaccinated.

Due to dosage restrictions, many people will not be vaccinated in the first few months of 2021. The US CDC recommends priority vaccination for medical staff and elderly people receiving long-term care. It is estimated that 100 million Americans will be vaccinated by February 2021


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