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UK Rich people go to UAE to receive Chinese COVID-19 vaccine

UK Rich people go to UAE to receive Chinese COVID-19 vaccine


UK Rich people go to UAE to receive Chinese COVID-19 vaccine.  At a time when the global COVID-19 vaccine is in short supply, some special vaccination services for the rich are offered on demand. In Britain, one of the most severely affected countries in Europe, some wealthy people could go to the UAE to get vaccinations while on vacation.


UK Rich people go to UAE to receive Chinese COVID-19 vaccine 

British Regal Club launches “luxury” travel vaccination service

According to the “Guardian” report on February 3, a British wealthy club named “Knightsbridge Circle” (Knightsbridge Circle) is providing people who purchase its vaccination program with two injections of Chinese national medicine vaccine in the UAE. Service.

The club was established in 2012 and claims to provide customers with “excellent personal service”, including lunch with the Pope, singing lessons with the famous American female singer Alicia Keys, and purchases usually require waiting A designer bag that can only be bought in two years.

And just last month, the club launched two “luxury” experience programs to travel to the UAE for vaccination. A report in the New York Times on January 23 gave a detailed introduction:

UK Rich people go to UAE to receive Chinese COVID-19 vaccine

The logo of the COVID-19 Vaccination Center in Dubai Financial District, Source Network

The first item is for members. Those who have paid an entry fee of £25,000 can purchase a three-week UAE vaccination travel package for the Knightsbridge Federation. By then, they will be able to live in the beautiful villas booked by the club and enjoy various recreational activities while waiting for the second shot while being vaccinated.

Another service is for non-members. The club announced on January 22 that they will start selling vaccine services to non-members at a price of £10,000 per person, as long as they are 65 years of age or older, or they can be proved There is an underlying health condition. However, they must pay for their own air tickets and three weeks of accommodation in the UAE.

The club’s founder, Stuart McNeill, told The New York Times that since the club publicly provided vaccine travel services, they have received more than 2,000 membership applications, as well as thousands of phone calls and email inquiries. In addition, several private jet companies also contacted his club, hoping to cooperate with the club to transport its customers.


Stewart McNeill, Founder of “Knightsbridge Association”, Tuyuan Network

“They were vaccinated in the UAE with the Chinese National Medicine vaccine”

According to a report by the “Daily Telegraph” on January 12, about 40% of the members of the Knightsbridge Federation club are British, many of whom hold multiple passports and have multiple properties worldwide. McNeill introduced that the vaccination project is already underway, and their British and foreign members are flying to participate in this vaccination “holiday”, and many people travel on private jets.

McNeill also stated that they have been vaccinating members in the UAE in the past few weeks. Because they use Pfizer and Sinopharm vaccines, after receiving the first injection, members need to take the second injection 21 days apart.

However, the “Guardian” pointed out that when the newspaper checked with Pfizer, Pfizer stated that it only provides vaccines to the UAE government and will not sell vaccines to any private company in the UAE or other countries. Pfizer also stated that it has submitted the club’s claims to its global security team for investigation.

In this regard, the “Knightsbridge Federation” club later clarified that Pfizer vaccines will only be provided to their UAE members. For those non-UAE members, they provide the COVID-19 vaccine produced by China National Pharmaceutical Group.

As early as December last year, the UAE had reviewed and approved the registration and marketing of Sinopharm vaccines. At the beginning of January this year, the UAE also announced that it would produce national medicine vaccines locally to further meet the domestic vaccination demand and prepare for the global vaccine market.

According to the club’s explanation, they have reached a cooperative relationship with the UAE government to allow them to obtain the national medicine vaccine. Through this project, the UAE will also be able to attract tourists, thereby “bringing tourism into the region.” In addition, the club also stated that their membership vaccine program and 10,000 pounds of non-member vaccine program have been fully booked in the past few weeks and will not accept further applications.

It is worth mentioning that the UAE is not the first country that hopes to use vaccines to boost domestic tourism. The Russian tourism department is also planning to launch COVID-19 vaccination trips to attract foreign tourists.

Since vaccines in many countries are still in short supply, transnational vaccination has become an urgent need for those who cannot be vaccinated temporarily in their own countries. As early as last December, after the UK began to vaccinate the people on a large scale for COVID-19, some wealthy Indians asked travel agencies to go to the UK for vaccination.

In addition to transnational countries, cross-state vaccinations have also emerged in the United States. According to the “Guardian” report on January 31, due to the different vaccination regulations of the states in the United States and the uneven distribution of vaccines, many people have begun to vaccinate across states.


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