May 19, 2024

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Who are not suitable to receive Chinese inactivated COVID-19 vaccines?

Who are not suitable to receive Chinese inactivated COVID-19 vaccines made by SINOPHARM or Kexing (SINOVAC)? 


Who are not suitable to receive Chinese inactivated COVID-19 vaccines?  The COVID-19 epidemic continues to raging around the world, and everyone is vulnerable to the disease. In the face of coronavirus, in addition to strict prevention and strengthening of protection, the research and development of coronavirus vaccine is of great significance.


So who are not suitable for vaccination?

According to the instructions of SINOPHARM and Kexing, the contraindications for vaccination include:

1. Age <18 years old or age>59 years old;

2. Pregnant and lactating women;

3. Fever;

4. People with severe allergic reactions to vaccination and allergies (including severe allergies to penicillin and other drugs);

5. Patients with thrombocytopenia and other bleeding diseases;

6. Convulsions, epilepsy, nervous system diseases and mental system diseases or family history;

7. Severe liver and kidney function damage, drug-uncontrollable hypertension, severe complications of diabetes, malignant tumors, various acute diseases and acute attacks of chronic diseases. (Note: Diabetes and high blood pressure are not contraindicated! But if diabetes has severe retinopathy, severe diabetic nephropathy, and high blood pressure is not well controlled, you cannot fight);

8. Congenital or acquired immunodeficiency, HIV infection, lymphoma, leukemia or other autoimmune diseases;

9. People who have been or suspected of having severe respiratory diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, or malignant tumors.


Another version of COVID-19 vaccination contraindications:

1. Those with a history of malignant tumors;

2. Have a history of basic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and other drugs that are not well controlled;

3. Mental illnesses include those with depression;

4. There are family genetic diseases such as albinism;

5. Patients with unstable cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases;

6. Those with a history of heart surgery, such as heart bypass, valve replacement, stents, etc.;

7. Those who are in recovery period after major surgery;

8. Those who have used blood products and immunosuppression in the past three months;

9. Those who take Eucalyptus;

10. Women in pregnancy preparation period (3-6 months), breastfeeding period;

11. Those who have taken immunosuppressive agents for a long time;

12. Those with moderate or severe anemia;

13. Those who have taken antiviral drugs, anti-allergic drugs, and antibiotics within three months must stop the medication and vaccinate after 1-2 weeks after the symptoms disappear;

14. Anti-virus period of hepatitis B and Helicobacter pylori;

15. Vaccination is only when the hypertension control is stable (140/90).

16. All vaccines that are contraindicated in influenza are contraindicated in inoculation.

17. The flu vaccine can be vaccinated at least 14 days after being vaccinated.

This contraindication is currently in the emergency use authorization stage and may be relaxed in the future. Moreover, people from 18 to 59 years old are still vaccinated, and elderly people still cannot get vaccinated.


The above two version vaccine contraindications are from Chinese media and for reference only. Please confirm with local medical staff for specific conditions.


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