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Can patients with fatty liver receive COVID-19 vaccine?

Can patients with fatty liver receive COVID-19 vaccine?

Can patients with fatty liver receive COVID-19 vaccine? Since vaccine trials have not specifically studied the safety of patients with liver disease, there is no data to show that it is harmful to patients with chronic liver disease. Generally, for patients with chronic liver disease and liver transplantation, the vaccine is less effective. However, there is no relevant data for the COVID-19 vaccine.

The British Gastroenterology Society and the British Liver Research Association recommend that patients with chronic liver disease, autoimmune hepatitis and liver transplantation should consider using any available COVID-19 vaccine for vaccination. Although the vaccine may provide some degree of protection, it is not known whether the vaccine is equally effective in transplant patients or immunosuppressed patients.

At the same time, everyone who is vaccinated still needs to continue to take preventive measures to prevent infection with Covid19, because no vaccine is 100% effective. For patients who are immunosuppressed or have undergone transplantation, it is particularly important to continue to protect themselves after vaccination. Patients who have autoimmune hepatitis and are concerned that vaccination may make their condition worse should communicate with clinicians and assess the risk.

Can patients with fatty liver receive COVID-19 vaccine?


Data from CDC shows:

The risk of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) infection with new coronavirus pneumonia is much higher than that of metabolic syndrome and obese patients. Once obese patients are infected with the new coronavirus, the proportion of severe cases will also increase significantly.

Therefore, some foreign experts suggest that NASH patients should also be included in the priority population for COVID-19 vaccine. In view of research showing that obesity may affect the effect of vaccination, it is recommended that all patients with fatty liver should control their diet, increase exercise, and change their unhealthy lifestyle to lose weight before vaccination.

When vaccinating the COVID-19 vaccine, you should truthfully report your liver disease status to the vaccinating doctor, who will determine whether you can get the vaccine. After vaccination, pay attention to any abnormalities in the body. Observe at the vaccination site for 30 minutes to prevent acute allergic reactions, and leave after the observation is normal. After leaving, if the recipient has a high fever exceeding 38.5 degrees Celsius, or a local redness or swelling of more than 2.5 cm in size, it should be reported to the vaccination doctor in time and go to the hospital as soon as possible.


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