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Will trigeminal neuralgia be passed on to the next generation?

Will trigeminal neuralgia be passed on to the next generation?

Will trigeminal neuralgia be passed on to the next generation?  Patients who are familiar with trigeminal neuralgia know that trigeminal neuralgia is a very stubborn disease. It can’t be cured by taking medicine, and the disease is even more unbearable.

Does mitral stenosis increase the incidence of stroke?  Moderate-severe mitral stenosis is not an independent risk factor for stroke.  Patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) and rheumatic heart disease (RHD), especially mitral stenosis, are considered to be at high risk of stroke, regardless of other risk factors. The purpose of the study was to reassess the risk factors for stroke in a contemporary cohort of patients with atrial fibrillation.

So some patients asked whether this kind of disease that can cause such a great pain is inherited? I am sick so difficult to treat, if my children will also get this disease, how can parents bear to see their own Do children suffer too?

With the continuous development of medical technology today, this worry can be let go. First of all, trigeminal neuralgia is not a genetic disease, so patients do not have to worry that their relatives will inherit the disease. Secondly, the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia has long not only relied on conservative treatment of drugs. Microvascular decompression is the latest treatment for trigeminal neuralgia and the only surgical method that can completely treat trigeminal neuralgia from the lesion.

This is currently the most recommended treatment method in the world. The operation uses a high-power microscope to enlarge the intracranial nerves and blood vessels to remove the compressed arteries or nerves. The advantage is that it can relieve local vascular compression at the same time. The sensory conduction of the trigeminal nerve is kept intact, and there is no loss of facial sensation. It can be said that it is an operation and will benefit for life.

Advantages: While relieving local vascular compression and eliminating symptoms, it retains the normal sensory and motor conduction function of the facial trigeminal nerve. It has the advantages of obvious effect, minimally invasive, high safety, and extremely low recurrence rate. It is currently recognized internationally as the safest and most effective method for the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia.

Applicable people: In addition to patients who cannot tolerate surgery, all patients with trigeminal neuralgia are suitable for microvascular decompression.


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