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4th China Government Medicine Procurement: Suppliers and Detail prices

4th China Government Medicine Procurement: Suppliers and Detail prices, with the largest drop of over 96%!

4th China Government Medicine Procurement: Suppliers and Detail prices. The  fourth round of national centralized drug procurement officially opened bids at Shanghai Longbai Hotel on Feb 03, 2020. 

4th China Government Medicine Procurement: Suppliers and Detail prices

(Image source: Daily Economic News)


This round of centralized procurement included 45 varieties, 80 product specifications, and the highest procurement scale exceeded 25 billion yuan. Among them, there are 8 injections, 3 eye drops, 1 inhalation, and the rest are oral preparations.


According to Insight database news, 126 companies participated in the competition. Including 21 foreign-funded enterprises and 105 domestic enterprises, there are more than 5 competing enterprises of 13 varieties.


Qilu Pharmaceutical is worthy of being the “price butcher” in the industry. Parecoxib Sodium Injection 40mg, the unit price is 3.5 yuan, a drop of 96%, the highest drop in the audience.


In addition, the large foreign companies of the Buddhist family remained on the sidelines in this round of gatherings, and were unwilling to participate in the war. Take Novartis and BI (quotation/maximum price) with the most varieties:

  • 0.12g nateglinide tablets, Novartis 1.18 yuan/1.17 yuan, higher than the limit price;
  • Valsartan hydrochlorothiazide tablets 80mg/12.5mg, Novartis quoted 2.448 yuan/2.29 yuan, higher than the limit price;
  • Telmisartan tablets 40mg, BI price 3.82 yuan / 1.0924 yuan, three times higher than the limit price.

This is decisive abandonment!


Valsartan and Amlodipine tablets (Ⅰ) 80mg/5mg, Novartis 6.5493 ​​yuan/6.78 yuan, a decrease of -3.4%;


Ambroxol hydrochloride injection 2ml:15mg, BI 3.4363 yuan/3.44 yuan, a decrease of -0.1%

Participate in a game anyway, to give face, meaning!


List of the fourth batch of national sourcing product companies’ quotations and winning bids


PS: The quotation is different, subject to the final official.   

Exchange rate:   1 China Yuan (CNY or RMB) = 0.154610 USD ( on Feb. 07, 2021)


1. Esomeprazole magnesium enteric-coated tablets 20mg (maximum price limit: 8.82 yuan)

Guangdong Dongyang Pharmaceutical Industry 2.94 yuan

Shiyao Ouyi 2.18 yuan

Jiangxi Shanxiang Pharmaceutical Industry 1.69 yuan

Zhengda Tianqing Pharmaceutical 2.91 yuan

AstraZeneca 3.79 yuan


2. Amisulpride tablets 0.2g (maximum price limit: 7.72 yuan)

Sanofi 1.73 yuan

Hebei Longhai Pharmaceutical Industry 2.64 yuan

Qilu Pharmaceutical 2.64 yuan


3. Ambroxol hydrochloride injection 2ml: 15mg (maximum price limit: 3.44 yuan)

Hubei Kelun Pharmaceutical 0.38 yuan

Yunnan Longhai Natural Medicine Industry 2.3 yuan

Sichuan Meida Kanghua 0.366 yuan

Shandong Hualu Pharmaceutical 0.33 yuan

Chengdu Better Pharmaceuticals 0.38 yuan

Huazhong Pharmaceutical 0.465 yuan

Fuan Tianheng Pharmaceutical 0.689 yuan

Zhejiang Kang Enbei 0.83 yuan

Hainan All Star 1.392 yuan

Boehringer Ingelheim RMB 3.43

Ambroxol hydrochloride injection 1ml: 7.5mg (maximum price: 2.02 yuan)

Shandong Luoxin Pharmaceutical 0.57 yuan

Shijiazhuang four medicines 0.98 yuan


4. Olopatadine Hydrochloride Eye Drops 5mL: 5mg (0.1%) (maximum price limit: 90.19 yuan)

Novartis Pharmaceuticals 81.17 yuan

Zhejiang Jianfeng 19.9 yuan

Beijing Huienlander


5. Pyrazinamide tablets 0.25g (maximum price limit: 0.29 yuan)

Chongqing Winbond 0.2 yuan

Shenyang Hongqi Pharmaceutical 19.49 yuan

Jiangsu Sihuan Biology 22.89 yuan

Guangdong Huanan Pharmaceutical 0.1965 yuan


6. Propofol medium/long-chain fat emulsion injection 20ml:0.2g (maximum price: 65.79 yuan)

Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical 50 yuan (4 branches)

Jiangsu Yingke 13.4 yuan (single branch)

Kelun Pharmaceutical 14.9 yuan (single)

Fresenius Kabi 9.9 yuan (single branch)

German Braun 15.5 yuan (single)


7. Ibuprofen tablets 200mg (maximum price: 0.34 yuan)

Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical Industry 0.1439 yuan

Yichang Renfu Pharmaceutical 0.29 yuan

Ibuprofen tablets 100mg (maximum price: 0.2 yuan)

Shiyao Ouyi 0.172 yuan

Qingdao Huanghai Pharmaceutical 0.152 yuan

Anhui Global Pharmaceuticals 0.32 yuan


8. Ibuprofen injection 4ml (maximum price: 57.6 yuan)

Sihuan Pharmaceutical 14.4 yuan

Hangzhou Minsheng Pharmaceutical Industry 13.78 yuan

Chengdu Better 20.58 yuan

Chengdu Yuandong Biology 28.3 yuan


9. Duloxetine hydrochloride enteric-coated capsules 20mg (maximum price limit: 3.95 yuan)

Shanghai Shangyao Chinese and Western Pharmaceutical 0.427 yuan

Guangdong East Sunshine 0.65 yuan

Chongqing Yaoyou Pharmaceutical 1.138 yuan

Shiyao Ouyi 1.36 yuan

Qingdao Baiyang Pharmaceutical 0.275 yuan

Chengdu Better Pharmaceutical 1.58 yuan

Duloxetine Hydrochloride Enteric-coated Capsules 30mg (maximum price: 5.38 yuan)

Eli Lilly 60.52 yuan


10. Doxofylline injection 10ml:100mg (maximum price limit: 49.2 yuan)

Yangtze River Nanjing Hailing Pharmaceutical 7.2 yuan

Shijiazhuang Four Medicines 199.5 yuan

Anhui Star Pharma 59.9 yuan

Zhejiang Beisheng Pharmaceutical Hansheng Pharmaceutical 77.9706 yuan

Garden Pharmaceutical 88.88 yuan

Shanxi Nuocheng 91.8 yuan

Italy ABC 69 yuan


11. Enpagliflozin tablets 10mg (maximum price limit: 4.24 yuan)

Kelun Pharmaceutical 1.83

Zhengda Tianqing 1.85 yuan

Jiangsu Hausen Pharmaceutical Industry 1.839 yuan

Jiangsu Wanbang Biochemical Medicine 2.21 yuan

Boehringer Ingelheim RMB 2.962


12. Emtricitabine tenofovir tablets 200mg: 300mg

Haisco 220 yuan (10 pieces)

Zhengda Tianqing 666 yuan (30 pieces)

Anhui Baker Biology 249 yuan


13. Gliclazide sustained-release tablets 30mg (maximum price limit: 1.46 yuan)

Beijing Fuyuan Medicine 0.714 yuan

Yichang Renfu Pharmaceutical 0.405 yuan

Tianjin Junan Biology 0.61 yuan


14. Gabapentin capsules 100mg (maximum price: 0.47 yuan)

Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine 0.12 yuan

Jiangsu Enhua Pharmaceutical 0.13 yuan

Beijing Sihuan Pharmaceutical 0.22 yuan


15. Canagliflozin 100mg (maximum price: 4.08 yuan)

Zhengda Tianqing 1.77 yuan

Jiangsu Hausen Pharmaceutical 1.81 yuan

Janssen, Belgium 4.079 yuan


16. Quetiapine fumarate sustained-release tablets 200mg (maximum price limit: 8.75 yuan)

AstraZeneca 76.9 yuan (20 tablets)

Beijing Tianheng 67.8 yuan

Shanghai Xuantai Haimen Pharmaceutical 71.19 yuan

Quetiapine Fumarate Sustained-Release Tablets 50mg (Maximum price limit: 3.03 yuan)

Foshan Derek Pharmaceutical 24.17 yuan (20 tablets)


17. Loxoprofen sodium tablets 60mg (maximum price limit: 0.69 yuan)

Eisai (Liaoning) 0.31 yuan

Disa Pharmaceuticals 0.44 yuan

Hunan Jiudian Pharmaceutical 0.44 yuan

Daiichi Sankyo (Shanghai) 0.69 yuan


18. Loratadine tablets 10mg (highest price: 2 yuan)

Yangtze River Shanghai Haini Pharmaceuticals 8.4 yuan

Wonder (Hainan) Pharmaceutical 8.28 yuan

Bayer 17.1 yuan


19. Mosapride citrate tablets 5mg (maximum price: 1.38 yuan)

Chengdu Kanghong Pharmaceutical 23.76 yuan

Guangdong Anno Pharmaceuticals 18.92 yuan

Lunanbeite Pharmaceutical 21.69 yuan

Sumitomo Japan 18.1 yuan


20. Nateglinide tablets 120mg (highest price: 1.17 yuan)

Novartis Pharmaceuticals 14.16 yuan (12 tablets)

Jiangsu Deyuan Pharmaceutical 29.38 yuan

Nateglinide tablets 60mg (highest price: 0.69 yuan)

Zhuhai Tongyi Pharmaceutical 14.4 yuan


21. Parecoxib sodium for injection 20mg (maximum price: 55.24 yuan)

Emeishan Tonghui Pharmaceutical 2.98 yuan (1 bottle)

Qilu Pharmaceutical 17.5 yuan (5 pieces)

Jiangsu Aosaikang Pharmaceutical Industry 4.67 yuan

Nanjing Shenghe Pharmaceutical 51 yuan (10 units)

Hunan Kelun Pharmaceutical Industry 5.64 yuan (1 branch)

Parecoxib sodium for injection 40mg (maximum price: 93.9 yuan)

Hangzhou Aoya Biology 4.92 yuan (1 branch)

Shandong Luoxin Pharmaceutical 50.1 yuan (10 branches)

Chengdu Baiyu Pharmaceutical 53.3 yuan (10 units)

Yangtze River Guangzhou Hairui Pharmaceutical 55 yuan (10 units)

Zhejiang Hangkang Pharmaceutical 5.65 yuan (1 branch)

Chengdu Yuandong Biology 6.95 yuan (1 branch)

Zhengda Tianqing 7.633 yuan (1 branch)

Nanjing Zhengda Tianqing 7.633 yuan (1 branch)

Shanghai New Yellow River Pharmaceutical 82.79 yuan (1 branch)

Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine 89.8 yuan (10 units)

Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical 111.8 yuan (10 units)

Pfizer 88.38 yuan (1 branch)


22. Pantoprazole sodium enteric-coated tablets 40mg (maximum price limit: 1.89 yuan)

Datong Arabindo Pharmaceutical 19.86 yuan

Hunan Jiudian Pharmaceutical 23.16 yuan

Hangzhou Kangenbei Pharmaceutical 15.76 yuan

Takeda 134.45 yuan


23. Pantoprazole Sodium for Injection 40mg (maximum price limit: 28.5 yuan)

Yangtze River Pharmaceutical 3.9 yuan

China Resources Double Crane 1.243 yuan

Hangzhou Sino-US East China 2.56 yuan

Chengdu Baiyu Pharmaceutical 2.68 yuan

Jiangsu Osaikang 2.77 yuan

Chengdu Tongde Pharmaceutical Industry 2.84 yuan

Beijing Sihuan Pharmaceutical 4.94 yuan

Takeda 99.8 yuan


24. Perindopril tert-butylamine tablets 4mg

Haisco 15.12 (21 tablets)

Servier 33 yuan


25. Bortezomib for injection 1mg (maximum price: 1502.12 yuan)

Hausen Pharmaceutical 600 yuan (1 bottle)

Zhengda Tianqing 346 yuan (1 branch)

Bortezomib for injection 3.5mg (maximum price: 3919.29 yuan)

Qilu Pharmaceutical 780 yuan (1 bottle)

Shiyao Ouyi 980 yuan (1 bottle)

Janssen, Belgium 5639.49 yuan (1 branch)


26. Pramipexole hydrochloride sustained-release tablets 0.375g (maximum price limit: 12.85 yuan)

Zhejiang Jingxin Pharmaceutical 1.9217 yuan

Lipin Pharmaceutical 2.1694 yuan

Beijing Peking University Weixin Biology 2.1796 yuan

Sichuan Haisco 2.2 yuan

Jiangsu Hengrui 3.2121 yuan

Boehringer Ingelheim 4.7426 yuan

Pramipexole hydrochloride sustained-release tablets 0.75g (maximum price limit: 21.85 yuan)

Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine 2.953 yuan

Zhejiang Jingxin Pharmaceutical 1.8 yuan

Boehringer Ingelheim 4.36 yuan


27. Pramipexole hydrochloride tablets 0.25mg (maximum price limit: 5.45 yuan)

Qilu Pharmaceutical 0.38 yuan

CSPC Ouyi Pharmaceutical 1.0568 yuan

Zhejiang Jingxin Pharmaceutical 1.92 yuan

Boehringer Ingelheim 4.63 yuan


28. Pregabalin capsules 75mg (maximum price: 6.49 yuan)

Qilu Pharmaceutical 0.32 yuan

Chongqing Saiwei Pharmaceutical Industry 2.185 yuan

Ningbo Menova Pharmaceuticals 2.5489 yuan

China Resources Double Crane Pharmaceuticals 2.5988 yuan

Pfizer 5.3662 yuan


29. Calcium dobesilate capsule 0.5g (maximum price: 1.61 yuan)

Shanghai Zhaohui Pharmaceutical (Fosun) 0.7699 yuan

Jiangsu Wangao Pharmaceutical Industry 0.7947 yuan

Ningxia Kangya Pharmaceutical Industry 0.8264 yuan

Nanjing Changao Pharmaceutical 0.8492 yuan


30. Repaglinide tablets 1mg (maximum price: 0.86 yuan)

Jiangsu Housen 0.3997 yuan

Novo Nordisk 2.0468 yuan

Repaglinide tablets 0.5mg (the maximum price is 0.51 yuan)

Beijing Fuyuan Medicine 0.271 yuan


31. Sorafenib tosylate tablets 0.2g (maximum price: 95 yuan)

Jiangxi Shanxiang Pharmaceutical 1369 yuan

Chongqing Yaoyou Pharmaceutical 798 yuan

Bayer 5388 yuan


32. Ticagrelor tablets 60mg (maximum price limit: 2.54 yuan)

Shenzhen Xinlitai 0.881 yuan

Nanjing Zhengda Tianqing 0.92 yuan

Shanghai Huilun Jiangsu Pharmaceutical 1.21 yuan

Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical 1.2453

Guangdong Dongyang Sunshine Pharmaceutical Industry 1.6984 yuan

Sichuan Haisco Pharmaceutical 2.51 yuan

Beijing Baiao Pharmaceutical Industry 2.2 yuan

AstraZeneca 5.458 yuan


33. Telmisartan tablets 40mg (maximum price: 1.09 yuan)

Beijing Fuyuan Pharmaceutical 0.5199 yuan

Jiangsu Wanbang Biochemical Medicine 0.6799 yuan

Jiangsu Yabang Epson Pharmaceutical 0.96 yuan

Beijing Tianheng Pharmaceutical Research Institute 0.7899 yuan

Shanghai Xinyi Tianping Pharmaceutical 0.5389 yuan

Yichang East Sunshine Yangtze River Pharmaceutical 0.96 yuan

Boehringer Ingelheim 4.1106 yuan


34. Temozolomide capsules 20mg (maximum price: 139.38 yuan)

Beijing Shuanglu Pharmaceutical 52.936 yuan


35. Salbutamol sulfate solution for inhalation 5.mg/2.5ml (maximum price: 4.72 yuan)

Sichuan Pratt Pharmaceuticals 2.35 yuan

Suzhou Hongsen Pharmaceutical 1.96 yuan

Hebei Renhe Yikang Pharmaceutical 2.28 yuan

Zhejiang Furuixi Pharmaceutical Industry 2.28 yuan

GlaxoSmithKline 4.248 yuan


36. Valsartan and Amlodipine tablets (Ⅰ) 80mg: 5mg (the highest price: 6.78 yuan)

Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine 1.39 yuan

Garden Pharmaceutical Industry 3.1281 yuan

Beijing Baiao Pharmaceutical Industry 3.4903 yuan

Novartis Pharmaceuticals 6.1 yuan

37. Valsartan hydrochlorothiazide tablets 80mg: 12.5mg (maximum price limit: 2.29 yuan)

China Resources SECCO Pharmaceuticals 1.9821 yuan

Beijing Baiao Pharmaceutical Industry 2.1253 yuan

Novartis Pharmaceuticals 2.28 yuan


38. Voriconazole tablets 50mg (maximum price: 109.24 yuan)

Beijing Bokang Pharmaceutical 119.88 yuan

Huahai Pharmaceutical 109.24 yuan

Voriconazole tablets 200mg (maximum price: 315.69 yuan)

Novartis 351.69 yuan

Pfizer 2580 yuan (10 pieces)


39. Norfloxacin capsules 100mg (highest price: 0.5 yuan)

Yantai Wanrun Pharmaceutical Industry 8.48 yuan

Shiyao Ouyi 14.05 yuan

Zhejiang Xinchang Pharmaceutical 12.13 yuan


40. Terbinafine hydrochloride tablets 125mg (maximum price: 3.1yuan)

Qilu Pharmaceutical 0.5065 yuan

Shanghai Huanhua Pharmaceutical 1.1798 yuan

Terbinafine hydrochloride tablets 250mg (maximum price: 5.27 yuan)

Nanjing Chengong Pharmaceutical 0.86 yuan


41. Cefprozil tablets 0.25g (maximum price limit: 3.05 yuan)

Shanghai Meiyou Pharmaceutical 0.5352 yuan

Nanjing Yihua Pharmaceutical Industry 0.8167 yuan

Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Industry 1.08 yuan


42. Levofloxacin tablets 0.5g (the highest price limit: 6.87 yuan)

Zhejiang Puli Pharmaceutical 0.5239 yuan

Changchun Haiyue Pharmaceutical 0.5841 yuan

Yangtze River Sichuan Haihui Pharmaceutical 0.63 yuan

Puluo Pharmaceutical 2.6105 yuan

Garden Pharmaceutical 2.8007 yuan

Guangdong Dongyang Sunshine Pharmaceutical 2.9097 yuan

Shandong Qidu Pharmaceutical Industry 0.55 yuan

Zhejiang Sharp Aisi Pharmaceutical Industry 4.2 yuan

The first three total 6.8665 yuan


43. Sodium hyaluronate eye drops (0.1% 5ml: 5mg) (maximum price limit: 23.48 yuan)

Jiangxi Zhenshi Ming Pharmaceutical 5.8 yuan

Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 19.96 yuan

Sodium hyaluronate eye drops (0.1% 10ml: 10mg) (Maximum price limit: 23.48 yuan)

Zhongshan Wanhan Pharmaceutical 13.38 yuan


44. Sodium hyaluronate eye drops (0.3% 0.4ml: 1.2mg) (maximum price limit: 4.8 yuan)

Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Industry 2.1 yuan

Chengdu Push Pharmaceutical 1.55 yuan

Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 4.31 yuan


45. Bivaludin for injection 0.25g (maximum price: 2500 yuan)

Hainan Shuangcheng Pharmaceutical 777.5 yuan

Hainan Puli Pharmaceutical 548.88 yuan

Qilu Pharmaceutical 486 yuan

Saisheng Pharmaceutical 1039.88 yuan


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