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China first CAR-T cell therapy to be priced over US$180K

China first CAR-T cell therapy to be priced over US$180K (about 1.2M China Yuan)

China first CAR-T cell therapy to be priced over US$180K, which is expensive, but much cheaper than similar therapies in U.S. 

On June 29, in response to the news that the first CAR-T cell therapy in China was priced at 1.2 million yuan on the Internet, its owner Fosun Kate responded in an interview with the media that the price of the product will be based on value, efficacy, cost, etc. All factors are considered and formulated. The current pricing plan has not yet been finalized, and multi-party communication is underway.

China first CAR-T cell therapy to be priced over US$180K

A week ago, Fosun Kite‘s injection of CART-T cell therapy was officially approved by the NMPA, becoming the first Chinese marketed CAR-T therapy for the treatment of relapsed or refractory large B-cell lymph after previous second-line or above systemic treatment Adult patients with tumors. 

However, soon there was news that the retail price of Akirensai injection was 1.2 million yuan per bag (approximately 68ml). Together with other supporting treatment costs, the total price may be close to 2 million. For ordinary patients, it can be described as a sky-high price in China, but comparing with similar theperies in U.S (estimated US$300-400K, The price: US$180K (about 1.2M China Yuan) is still competitive and acceptable in international  medical market.

Of course, although there is a big controversy about the pricing, from the perspective of research and development costs, the price of 1.2 million is not a wild asking price. According to Fosun Pharma’s disclosure, as of May 2021, Fosun Kate has invested approximately RMB 675 million in R&D for this product at this stage.

In addition, combined with the previous CAR-T therapy approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Fosun Kate’s product is priced relatively lower. The world’s first CAR-T therapy Kymriah brought by Novartis is priced at US$475,000 per course of treatment, which is equivalent to approximately RMB 3.15 million. Fosun Kate’s Akilunza injection is derived from a subsidiary of Gilead Yescarta, introduced by Kite Pharmaceuticals, initially sold for US$373,000, equivalent to approximately RMB 2.4 million.

It can be seen that for CAR-T cell therapy, high costs and pricing seem to be inevitable. However, in the face of millions of pricing, how many patients can afford this drug is a worrying question.

Of course, as more CAR-T track players in China will bring their products to the market in the future, the price of CAR-T cell therapy is expected to be reduced. In addition to Fosun Kate, WuXi Junuo also followed closely. Its CD19 CAR-T therapy Ruijilunsai injection was declared for marketing in July 2020 for the treatment of relapsed and refractory lymphoma and leukemia. In addition, CAR-T therapies such as GenScript Biologics, Novartis, and Keji Pharmaceuticals are also expected to be approved in the next few years.

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