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Latest clinical progress of stem cell treatment of diabetes in 2020

Latest clinical progress of stem cell treatment of diabetes in 2020


Latest clinical progress of stem cell treatment of diabetes in 2020.  

Many people know that diabetes is a disease that cannot be cured so far. Patients need to take insulin for life to lower blood sugar.

Daily injections are also a very annoying thing. Depression will also occur over time. In fact, diabetes itself is not terrible.


The terrible thing is the complications of diabetes. Diabetes has many complications, up to hundreds of types.

The common ones are: retinopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and so on.



Latest clinical progress of stem cell treatment of diabetes in 2020






1. Take hypoglycemic medication

Long-term medication is required, and there is a certain degree of damage to liver and kidney function, and there is a certain risk for elderly patients.

Summary: There is no cure, but control as much as possible.


2. Insulin treatment

Long-term treatment is needed. Side effects such as hypoglycemia, lipodystrophy, lower extremity edema, and obesity are obvious and cannot be cured.


3. Diet therapy, exercise therapy

Summary: Adjusting diet and maintaining exercise can help improve the quality of life, but it still relies on drugs and insulin therapy, and cannot achieve the purpose of cure.


4. Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment is mainly suitable for obese patients with type 2 diabetes. Doctors will use various weight loss techniques in the abdominal cavity to help patients improve obesity through weight loss, so as to play a role in controlling blood sugar. It is very risky and impossible. get well.


5. Stem cell therapy for diabetes, stem cell therapy

Stem cells are primitive undifferentiated cells with multidirectional differentiation potential and self-replication ability.

The most widely used type of regenerative medicine is mesenchymal stem cells, or MSCs for short.

The repair and regeneration of damaged tissues and organs with multidirectional differentiation potential, self-renewal and secretion of multiple factors are widely used in treatment.


A large number of trials and clinical findings have found that mesenchymal stem cells can differentiate into islets in vivo or under specific induction conditions β cells also promote the transformation of macrophages from M1 to M2, thereby improving insulin resistance and promoting islet regeneration.

With the improvement of blood sugar, the number of islets and β is regenerated. The secretion effect of stem cells improves the damage environment and promotes the damage of a cells and islets. b cell transformation to achieve the purpose of repairing damaged islets.



A large number of researches and clinical trials on the treatment of diabetes with stem cells at home and abroad have shown effective improvement

01 Effectively improve blood sugar
02 Significantly reduce and ease the occurrence of complications
03 Increase c-peptide levels and regulatory T-cell levels in type 2 diabetes
04 Effectively improve islet resistance, partly to get rid of insulin
05 Stable effect, long-term, no adverse reactions



Presumably, you know which way to choose. In addition, diabetic patients must always control their intake of edible salt.

In terms of diet, they must be light, with more nutrition, and transported appropriately.

In addition, it is necessary to accompany the patient to chat more, so as to avoid the patient’s depression, which will affect the progress of the treatment.

Go to the hospital regularly to prevent the condition from getting worse.





Latest clinical progress of stem cell treatment of diabetes in 2020

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