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COVID-19 sequelae: Loss of taste and fatigue even after 9 months

COVID-19 sequelae: Loss of taste and fatigue even after 9 months


COVID-19 sequelae: Loss of taste and fatigue even after 9 months.  Many people in Japan suffer from the sequelae of the COVID-19 for a long time: they lose their sense of taste and feel tired even after 9 months. 


COVID-19 sequelae: Loss of taste and fatigue even after 9 months


Overseas Network, February 18, after the diagnosis of new coronavirus pneumonia, I thought I was a mildly ill patient and my condition would get better soon, but for a long time I continued to endure various sequelae such as fatigue, hair loss, loss of taste and smell, as in Japan recently There are many patients. Japanese media said that the pathogenesis of these symptoms has not been clarified and there is currently no cure. Japanese doctors urged the public to continue to implement epidemic prevention measures, “We can’t take it lightly because we are young and don’t have old diseases, and we have new coronavirus pneumonia.”

According to news from the “Nishinippon Shimbun” on the 18th, in January this year (2021), a 14-year-old middle school student in Fukuoka City said that his toes became strange when he was in the hospital. The little finger, ring finger and middle finger of his left foot swelled into purple, “like being beaten by frost.” This student was diagnosed with new coronaviruspneumonia at the end of last year (2020), and there were multiple confirmed patients in the classroom where he attends physical education every week. The student had a fever of 38 degrees while recuperating at home, and also had a headache and cough. These symptoms improved in a day. But 2 days after the fever subsided, my toes began to swell, and I did not get better for a month.

After the student returned to school, he felt uncomfortable and nauseous from time to time, and he could not go to club activities anymore, and his food felt tasteless. His mother worried that she thought he was mildly ill with the new coronavirus disease, so she felt a little relieved and didn’t understand why this happened.

The condition of the student is not alone. Another 29-year-old woman who was diagnosed with new coronavirus pneumonia in December last year said when she saw a doctor recently that it was difficult for her to taste the food. This situation lasted more than two months. She initially suspected that she was diagnosed because she could not taste the burger at all. Although the initial symptoms such as nasal congestion and tiredness improved quickly, later, even the taste of spicy cabbage was no longer available. “I have been craving strong-tasting foods recently. I am worried about whether my sense of taste can be restored.”

There is also a 50-year-old male patient in Fukuoka Prefecture. It has been 9 months since he was diagnosed with new coronavirus pneumonia and he is still feeling tired. He said that his physique has completely changed, “I am now the same as when I was initially infected. I am physically exhausted and have difficulty breathing. Every day I suspect that the disease has recurred, and I did not have a fever after the test, so I live like this and continue to this day.”


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