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Senior people should pay more attention on calcium deficiency

Senior people should pay more attention on calcium deficiency


Senior people should pay more attention on calcium deficiency.  The elderly are most prone to calcium deficiency, and calcium supplementation is urgent! Scientific calcium supplementation can “replenish in place”.

Senior people should pay more attention on calcium deficiency

Once the elderly suffer from osteoporosis, the consequences are very serious.

The most obvious manifestation is that severe osteoporosis can cause severe pain, and lead to a greatly increased incidence of fractures, and it is easy to become disabled if it is not treated in time. Therefore, the elderly are afraid of osteoporosis, so many elderly people start to supplement calcium blindly. But how can the elderly have better calcium supplements?


Scientific calcium supplementation can be “supplemented”. The elderly beware of misunderstandings:

Misunderstanding 1:

The first one is that I dare not make up. Why do I not dare to make up? Many patients will tell their doctors: “Because I have kidney stones or gallstones, will my stones increase after calcium supplementation?” This is because the process of calcium absorption is not well understood. After the calcium in food passes through our human body and enters through our digestive tract, most of the calcium is usually excreted from the intestine, except for the calcium in the blood. Therefore, the majority of patients do not need to worry too much about the increase in stones due to calcium supplementation. This is a wrong view.

Misunderstanding 2:

The second is that I don’t know how to supplement calcium correctly, because many patients said that after I took a lot of calcium tablets, I achieved a calcium supplement effect. In fact, this is also wrong, because we don’t just take calcium supplements. A calcium tablet can replenish calcium. We are still a comprehensive treatment, including the need for us to eat foods high in calcium, secondly, we must often sunbathe, and thirdly, we are supplementing calcium. Sometimes, I need to supplement some foods rich in vitamin D, so that it can easily promote the absorption of calcium, so it can not be said that I simply eat a calcium tablet to achieve a calcium supplement effect.


Calcium supplementation is one of the important contents of elderly health care. The methods of supplementing calcium for the elderly are as follows:

Of course, the elderly can supplement calcium and they should also supplement calcium. The reason why the elderly can supplement calcium is mainly because the vast majority of the elderly are in a state of calcium deficiency, and the more serious ones will also produce osteoporosis. With age, the amount of exercise of the elderly will gradually decrease, so the loss of muscle and bone will gradually increase, leading to the formation of osteoporosis. In addition, the secretion of hormones in the elderly also gradually decreases, so the rate of calcium loss will increase. Based on the above points, the elderly should be properly treated with calcium supplementation.

1. 400mg of calcium can be supplemented through a normal diet and eat more foods with higher calcium, such as milk, soy products, shrimp skin, cartilage, bone soup, fish scales, fish scales can be made into fish jelly;

2. The elderly must insist on drinking milk. Drinking 200ml of milk every day can supplement 240mg of calcium. You can also eat yogurt in summer. They should exercise properly to increase blood circulation, get more sunshine, live a regular life, and maintain emotional stability.

3. Oral calcium tablets: A normal calcium tablet contains about 400mg of calcium.

According to the standard recommended by the Chinese Nutrition Society, 1,000 mg per day is sufficient for people over 50. The calcium contained in daily food, if not picky eaters, partial eclipse, basically meet the requirements. Milk is the best calcium supplement food. If you can drink more than 400 ml of milk (containing 456 mg of calcium) a day, there is no need to use calcium. Therefore, if the elderly have a normal diet, they can insist on drinking milk and eat calcium tablets, they will have sufficient calcium in their bodies. If the elderly do not eat calcium tablets, they need to increase the amount of milk they drink.


The doctor reminds: The elderly need to know whether they are really lacking in calcium. They can go to the hospital for laboratory tests to check the blood calcium concentration, do the bone density determination, check whether there is osteoporosis, and whether calcium supplementation is needed. The use of calcium also has related side effects, so it is necessary to see whether there is a need for calcium supplementation in clinical practice. If there is calcium deficiency, calcium supplementation must first intervene in life.

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