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Is COVID-19 effective against India’s double mutant virus?

Is COVID-19 effective against India’s double mutant virus?


Is COVID-19 effective against India’s double mutant virus?  BioNTech CEO: Biontech Vaccines should be effective against double mutant viruses in India.

As the COVID-19 epidemic is fighting back fiercely, there may be good news from the vaccine side. On Thursday, April 29, BioNTech CEO Ugur Sahin said in an interview with CNBC that he was confident that the COVID-19 vaccine jointly developed by the company and Pfizer of the United States would be effective against the first double-mutant mutant virus discovered in India.

Sahin said the company has launched related vaccine tests against the double-mutant mutant virus and is currently evaluating the results, and the data will be announced in the next few weeks.

But he also mentioned that in previous tests, the company found similar virus variants. Therefore, “based on past data, we are confident that we can see similar virus neutralization methods.” Of course, everything still has to wait for the final data to come out.

Double mutation mutant virus is the combination of three different new coronavirus strains to form a new variant. This new variant strain has been officially named B.1.617 by the scientific community, and it has a stronger spreading power than other old strains.

Experts generally believe that the emergence and spread of the mutant new coronavirus is one of the reasons for the rapid deterioration of the epidemic in India.

The latest data on Thursday showed that the number of the epidemic in India once again set a record, with nearly 380,000 new cases and 3645 deaths in a single day, all of which are record highs.

Under the fierce epidemic, the Indian people are very enthusiastic about vaccination, but the local vaccine supply is seriously insufficient, and there is no Pfizer vaccine for the time being.

At present, Pfizer vaccine has been confirmed to be able to fight the virus variant B.1.526 first discovered in New York and the first variant strain B.1.1.7 discovered in the UK.

Another Israeli study showed that the mutant virus B.1.351, first discovered in South Africa, can circumvent part of the protective efficacy of Pfizer vaccine, but the vaccine’s effectiveness is still high.


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