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Pfizer vaccine effective to COVID-19 triple mutant virus found in India ?

Pfizer vaccine effective to COVID-19 triple mutant virus found in India ?


Pfizer vaccine effective to COVID-19 triple mutant virus found in India ? The COVID-19 triple mutant virus found in India spreads faster. It seems that this virus…..

Madukal Pai, a professor of epidemiology in India, said that the new coronavirus strain discovered in India is a triple-mutated strain that may spread faster.

Earlier, Vinod Scalia, a staff member of the Institute of Genomic Biology, said that scientists have discovered a new mutant virus named B.1.618 in West Bengal in eastern India, which is characterized by the exception of the spike protein.

The E484K and D614G mutations in, and the chromosomal rearrangement of 6 nucleotides (H146del and Y145del). Pai told New Delhi TV: “This mutant virus spreads faster, and it makes people infected very quickly.” The E484K mutation in the spike protein is in the “South Africa” ​​strain, the “Brazil” strain and the “Bangladesh” strain. Very common in.

According to some experts, this mutation can reduce the effectiveness of monoclonal antibodies in neutralizing viruses. The D614 mutation causes the 614th amino acid to be changed from aspartic acid to glycine.

Scientists have discovered that the new coronavirus with this mutation spreads faster than other viruses and dominates any area it invades. However, there is no evidence that infection with this mutation can cause more serious illnesses.


The new strain B.1.618 is the second new coronavirus strain discovered from India. The first is B.1.617, also known as the double-mutation mutant new coronavirus. The Medical Research Council of India said on Wednesday that the Covishield vaccine developed in India has successfully neutralized this new coronavirus variant.

India is facing a second wave of pandemic. Since February, the number of new coronavirus infections has increased sharply, and it has exceeded 2 million so far this month. The cumulative number of new coronavirus infections has exceeded 15.6 million, of which 182,000 have died of new coronavirus pneumonia. And concurrent diseases.

Inactivated vaccines are a full range of genomes, so they can provide a full range of immune markers. The activated immune mechanism is relatively complete, but the specificity is slightly poor. mRNA is a fragment that is strong for initiating specific immune mechanisms and has poor completeness. Once the virus mutates, it will exist Blind spot.

According to data released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are currently about 77 million people in the United States vaccinated with two doses of the new coronavirus. Among them, 5,800 people were found to be infected with the new coronavirus after being vaccinated, resulting in “breakthrough cases.”

For breakthrough infections, Fauci, the top infectious disease bricklayer in the United States, made his own explanation: The breakthrough infection of the new coronavirus is “inevitable”, “No matter how effective the vaccine is, there will always be a (virus) breakthrough (vaccine protection). For some variants, the vaccine may have a better (protective) effect, and for some variants, the vaccine may not be able to fully cope with it.”


It seems that this virus is going to reach United States, so current vaccines are still effective?

Israel also gets more vaccines,

According to the People’s Daily Overseas Network on April 11, Pfizer of the United States and BioNTech of Germany stated in early April that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine is effective against the variant  virus found in South Africa, but a study published by the Israeli research institute on the 10th showed that the variant virus found in South Africa is To a certain extent, it can “break through” the protective net of Pfizer vaccine.

Those who were vaccinated against Pfizer were more likely to be infected by the South African variant strain than those who were not vaccinated.

The results of the study show that people who are still infected with breakthrough infections after being completely vaccinated with two doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine are more likely to be “hacked” by the variant B1351 that was first discovered in South Africa.

This effect is similar to antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). Vaccination with Pfizer not only failed to resist the mutant virus, but increased the chance of infection and at the same time increased the lethality of the virus.


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