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Tokyo Olympics: Still hold after India double mutant virus invaded Japan

Tokyo Olympics: Still hold after India double mutant virus invaded Japan

Tokyo Olympics: Still hold after India double mutant virus invaded Japan?On April 36, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus in India has increased to 350,000 a day, and the International Health Organization (WHO) issued a statement saying that India has fallen into a “tragedy.”

One of the biggest problems with the unstoppable explosive increase in the number of infected people in India is the emergence of the “Indian mutant virus”. This mutant virus is extremely infectious and has a very high fatality rate, making it difficult to control the Indian epidemic. Worst enemy.

So far, mutated viruses have been found in the United Kingdom, Brazil, South Africa, etc. According to the research of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Japan, the “Indian mutated virus” is a specific virus.

The “specificity” lies in the appearance of a protein that induces viral infection in a virus After two mutations, two viruses were generated, namely the E484Q mutant virus circulating in South Africa and Brazil, and the L452R mutant virus found in California, the United States. In other words, the “Indian mutant virus” is a rare “double mutant virus.”

Tokyo Olympics: Still hold after India double mutant virus invaded Japan?

The first case of this double mutant virus was diagnosed in western India in October 2020 and has spread to more than 20 countries in the world.

Now this mutant virus has reached Japan

According to the latest survey conducted by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan, as of April 25, Japan has found 21 people infected with the mutant virus in India, 20 of whom were found during the airport entry quarantine (10 people directly from India). One case was diagnosed in Japan. She is an old lady in her 80s who has never been to India or contacted people from India and lives in Tokyo.

The diagnosis of the old lady shows that the Indian virus has already invaded Japan and the community has been infected.

Tokyo Olympics: Still hold after India double mutant virus invaded Japan?

The research team of Kumamoto University analyzed the Indian mutant virus and came to the conclusion: “This mutant virus will have a weakening effect on the unique immunity of Japanese people, and the infectivity in Japan may appear further. Enhanced.”

Japanese clinical virology expert and special-appointed professor at Kitasato University Tetsuo Nakayama said: “We must consider that the Indian mutant virus has spread in Japan. We have no better way to deal with this mutant virus. We can only ask everyone to wear masks. , Wash your hands frequently, and avoid contact.”

Will the Indian mutant virus spread in Japan?

The statements made by Japanese epidemic prevention experts on television discussion programs are very worrying. Because the first case of the British mutant virus found in Japan was on January 18 this year, 3 people in Shizuoka Prefecture who had not been to the UK nor had any contact with people from the UK were inexplicably diagnosed with the UK. Mutated virus.

At that time, Takayu Waki, director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Japan, said: “The infection route of this British mutant virus is under investigation, and it is estimated that community infections have occurred in the country.

Now only in the past three months, the British mutant virus has captured the entire Japanese archipelago. The British mutant virus has been found in 43 prefectures and prefectures, especially in Osaka and Hyogo prefectures in the Kansai region, where the number of infections exceeds daily. There were 1,600 people, setting a record for the largest number of people since the outbreak occurred in more than a year. Among them, more than 80% were infected with the mutant virus in the UK.

what does that mean? This means that if the Indian mutant virus invades Japan, if it is not effectively controlled, it will become a “fire of a prairie fire” like the British mutant virus in three months, and become the new mainstream of the new coronavirus epidemic in Japan.

Can the Tokyo Olympics still be held?

Three months later, it happened to be the opening of the Tokyo Olympics. Once Japan became India, the consequences would be disastrous.

The Japanese government has ordered the mobilization of the Self-Defense Force’s medical teams to set up temporary vaccination points in Tokyo and Osaka to ensure that 10,000 people are vaccinated a day.

At the same time, in addition to the Pfizer vaccine in the United States, the Japanese government has newly approved the new coronavirus vaccine produced by the American biotechnology company Modelna to be marketed in Japan. This vaccine will be mainly supplied to the citizens of Tokyo and Osaka Prefecture for injection.

However, experts at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Japan are very worried that the vaccines produced by Pfizer and Modelna in the United States will not be able to deal with the double mutant virus in India.

Tokyo Olympics: Still hold after India double mutant virus invaded Japan?

Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Hyogo prefectures have implemented “states of emergency” from the 25th, and called on people not to go out during the May Golden Week, let alone move across counties to prevent the further spread of the mutant virus.

But in fact, Japanese people who have experienced two “states of emergency” seem to have “don’t care” in the face of the third “state of emergency”. The number of people crowding in the subway to work has not decreased, and most schools have not closed. Although department stores are closed, Disneyland is still open. It is difficult to ensure that Japan will not have an explosive spread of mutant viruses after Golden Week.

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