October 4, 2023

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Pfizer vaccine may be effective against mutant strains of COVID-19

Pfizer vaccine may be effective against mutant strains of COVID-19

Pfizer vaccine may be effective against mutant strains of COVID-19. According to Columbia News, Pfizer and BioNTech released a small study this week to prove that their new coronavirus vaccine BNT162b2 can effectively fight the new coronavirus mutant B.1.1.7 discovered in the UK.

Pfizer vaccine may be effective against mutant strains of COVID-19


The recognition site of the vaccine developed by Pfizer is the S spike protein of the new coronavirus, while the S spike protein of B.1.1.7 has 10 amino acid changes. Will it escape the immunity provided by the vaccine? This has caused widespread concern. .

This research was published on the preprinted website biorxiv.org and has not yet passed peer review. The study used 16 blood samples from BNT162b2 vaccine recipients and created a “pseudovirus” similar to the mutant strain B.1.1.7 for testing. It was found that comparing the new mutant strain with the original virus strain, there was no significant biological difference in the neutralizing activity of antibodies in the blood. Therefore, the study authors and the two founders of BioNTech stated that antibodies and vaccines can produce other immune-inducing responses to ensure that new mutant strains will not escape the protection provided by vaccines.

At present, the mutant strain discovered in the UK has caused a new round of concerns. Its infectiousness may be 50% higher than the original virus strain. It has appeared in more than 60 countries. People are more eager to maintain the effect of the vaccine and reverse the epidemic trend. Although other experts have not verified the results of this study, this news does provide hope for the vaccine to effectively control this mutant strain.

Earlier this month, a study by Pfizer and the University of Texas also confirmed the immune effect of the vaccine against N501Y mutants reported in the United Kingdom and South Africa. This new virus does not produce resistance to the vaccine.

Of course, the above-mentioned experiments cannot determine whether the vaccine’s effectiveness against new mutant strains can reach 95%, that is, the vaccine’s ability to prevent the original virus. At present, relevant experts are closely monitoring the immune efficacy of Pfizer vaccine and other vaccines certified for marketing in European and American countries against the two new mutant strains. Preliminary data will be announced within a few weeks.


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