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Lung cancer:  Please see a doctor immediately if you have these 4 signs

Lung cancer:  Please see a doctor immediately if you have these 4 signs


Lung cancer:  Please see a doctor immediately if you have these 4 signs.

There is cancer in the lungs, and the body will show 4 signs. If you find out in time, the lungs may be rescued.



For the human respiratory system, the lungs are the most important organs, which are responsible for the important task of exchanging gases between the human body and the outside world.

Once the lungs have problems, all tissues and organs of the body may be hypoxic. Therefore, the lungs Ministry is very important to the human body.


However, in recent years, the incidence and mortality of lung cancer have increased faster and faster, posing a great threat to people’s lives.

Experts pointed out that if it can be detected in the early stages of lung cancer, treatment will become easier.

When the lungs become cancerous, the body may show the following four signs. If it can be detected in time, the lungs may be saved.




1. Frequent coughing

Coughing is a very common disease in life, such as colds, getting angry, throat inflammation, etc., can all cause coughing.


However, these coughs can be treated and relieved by taking medicine. However, if someone has frequent coughing in the recent period, it will not be relieved even if they take medicine.

The duration is relatively long, and sputum and sputum will appear over time.

If you have blood or hemoptysis, you must be vigilant. This may be a manifestation of a lung cancer attack.


This is because cough itself is a stress response of the respiratory system.

If the lung becomes cancerous, the patient will cough frequently, and it will not heal for a long time.

Therefore, such conditions are likely to be a sign of lung cancer.




2. Chest pain

The chest cavity of the human body contains important organs such as the lungs and the heart.

When these organs become cancerous, the patient is very likely to experience chest pain, especially the lungs.

If a lung cancer attacks, it will cause pain as the disease becomes more and more serious.

The sensation gradually strengthened, followed by symptoms such as cough and fever.


Therefore, when the human body has persistent chest pain, accompanied by symptoms such as cough, hemoptysis, fever, etc., it may mean that lung cancer has struck, and it is necessary to seek medical examination in time.




3. Abnormal lip color

The lungs are the main channel for the human body to breathe.

Only when the lungs are healthy can the tissues and organs get an adequate supply of blood oxygen.


But if the lungs become cancerous, it will lead to a decline in lung function, and human breathing will also be affected.

As a result, various tissues and organs in the body may not be able to obtain blood oxygen supply;

Therefore, the color of the blood is likely to change abnormally, such as dark red, lighter, etc.

At this time, the lips are likely to appear bluish purple. If the human body has this symptom, the lungs must be checked in time. Whether it has become cancerous.




4. Vital capacity is significantly reduced

The so-called vital capacity refers to the amount of air that the human body does its best to exhale after inhaling to the maximum.

From a clinical point of view, doctors can accurately determine the health of the patient’s lungs based on the vital capacity.

The greater the vital capacity, it may represent The stronger the lung function, the healthier the lungs.


But if someone finds that your lung capacity has suddenly decreased significantly, you can feel it even if you don’t take a test.

For example, when you run or sing, you feel that your lung capacity has decreased a lot.

This may mean that your lung function is gradually declining, and you should seek medical attention in time. Check for cancer.


In short, the lungs are one of the most important organs of the human body. With healthy lungs, people can breathe normally and the body will become healthier.

But if the lungs become cancerous, lung function will be reduced, and various tissues and organs will be greatly affected, and in serious cases, life may be threatened.

Therefore, everyone can check on their own to see if the body has the above 4 signs, and seek medical treatment in time if necessary to avoid delays in the condition.





Lung cancer:  Please see a doctor immediately if you have these 4 signs

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