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Your knees will be frayed more if walking too fast?

Your knees will be frayed more if walking too fast?


Your knees will be frayed more if walking too fast? Doctor: To avoid knee damage, these 6 behaviors must be changed.

The knee is an important part of the human body. It connects the thigh and the calf. Only when the knee is flexible can we walk and exercise normally.

Walking is something that everyone does every day. On the surface, it is a behavior that does not require skill and can also bring about the effect of exercise.

Indeed, if walking and exercising in a reasonable way can help promote blood circulation in the lower limbs, if walking too fast, it will wear down the knee joint, and even cause plantar fasciitis, muscle strain and other problems.

Therefore, the doctor reminds that it is best to walk at a uniform speed in normal times. In addition, to avoid knee damage, the following six wrong habits must be changed in life.


1. Sedentary inactivity

For office workers, most of the time is sitting in front of the computer every day, although it does not take too much physical strength to do so, but sitting for a day will not only make the blood circulation of the lower limbs poor, but also secrete synovial fluid in the joint cavity. If the amount is reduced, it will increase the risk of lower limb joint damage.

Not only that, according to authoritative literature reports, the probability of suffering from osteoarthritis in long-term sedentary people is about 10% higher than that of people who frequently move joints.

Therefore, remind friends who sit in the office to get up and walk around every forty minutes or an hour, and it is best not to take a car to a place that can be reached on foot.


2. Wear high heels for a long time

Everyone has a love for beauty. In order to show their best side, some women always like to wear high heels when they go to work or have gatherings with relatives and friends.

However, everyone does not know that when wearing high heels, the center of gravity is moving forward, and the pressure from the toes to the knee joints is greater than normal standing. This not only easily leads to valgus thumbs, but also may cause knees. A series of injuries such as joint wear and back muscle strain.

Therefore, if it is not necessary, it is best for women to choose supportive, wrapping and stretchable shoes on weekdays to prevent knee injuries.


3. Squatting or kneeling often

Experiments have shown that when lying down, the weight of the knee is almost zero, while when standing and walking, the weight is 1 to 2 times the body weight, and when going up and down slopes and stairs, it is 3 to 4 times.

It seems that kneeling or squatting is the easiest way to load up to 8 times the weight. It can be seen that no matter whether you are squatting or kneeling, the pressure on your knees is so great, so if it is necessary for work, you must control your knees. Try to take a break every twenty minutes when you are lying or squatting.


4. Excessive exercise

Although exercise can increase physical strength and increase the speed of metabolism, if it is excessive exercise, it will be counterproductive and even cause damage to the knee.

Because studies have shown that compared with normal people, the incidence of arthritis in professional marathon athletes has reached 13.3%, and the reason for this result is frequent excessive exercise.


5. Don’t control your weight

We also mentioned above that the force on the knees is based on body weight, which also shows that the heavier the weight of the people, the greater the pressure on the knees.

Especially overweight people, even if they walk normally, they can cause profound damage to their knees.


6. Failure to take good measures to keep warm

The amount of fat around the knee joint is relatively small. When the temperature drops, if you do not take measures to keep warm, the muscles around the joints will continue to shrink and the joint blood transport will decrease. This will also lead to joint stiffness and inflexibility, which will undoubtedly increase the knee injury probability.


All in all, the knee is an important part of the human body. It connects the thigh and the calf. Only when the knee is flexible can we walk and exercise normally. However, some people in life don’t pay attention to the protection of their knees and often do things that are not conducive to the health of their knees.

For example, the habits of walking too fast, not controlling your weight, exercising excessively, sitting in a squat for a long time, wearing high heels and sitting inactive for a long time mentioned above will damage your knees to a certain extent. Therefore, if you have similar If you do, please make sure to correct it.



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