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Women with breast hyperplasia should quit Alcohol Caffeine….

Women with breast hyperplasia should quit Alcohol Caffeine….


Women with breast hyperplasia should quit Alcohol Caffeine….  and sleep on time.


Any mammal has breasts. Take female breasts as an example. From the time they enter puberty, the body begins to secrete hormones. Under the influence of hormones, the breast tissue will gradually develop and gradually become more and more plump.

Women should know that breasts not only play a role in appearance, but also bear the functions of milk secretion and breastfeeding. Breast health is very important to any woman. However, there is a kind of breast disease in clinical practice. Eighty to ninety percent of women are likely to suffer from breast hyperplasia.

The so-called breast hyperplasia mainly refers to the abnormal proliferation of breast tissue under the action of hormones. After the onset, some women will have breast pain, redness, thickening of the breast glands, or lumps, etc., and they need to go to the hospital for examination in time to confirm the cause and condition of the disease and treat symptomatically.


If you want to get better and better in your breasts, women usually have to avoid the three things, abstain from the three practices, and do the three things well.


What is to avoid two things?

Avoid alcohol.

Drinks contain alcohol. After alcohol enters the human body, it will cause blood vessels to dilate and blood flow faster. Excessive congestion in the breast will stimulate the breast and cause the disease to develop further.

Especially women who drink heavily for a long time may also cause breast cysts or breast cancer, and the risk of liver disease and cardiovascular disease will increase.

Avoid caffeine.

Women suffering from hyperplasia of mammary glands should avoid eating coffee, chocolate, cocoa and other foods and beverages, because these things contain more caffeine, which will be metabolized into xanthines after entering the body, causing irritation to breast tissue This causes the breasts to become more swollen.


What are the three trainings of precepts?

Keep emotion calm.

Many women are more emotional and get angry easily after encountering unsatisfactory things.

As everyone knows, the blood flow rate of the whole body will fluctuate when angry, and the body’s endocrine will become imbalanced, resulting in poor liver qi and blockage of the breast, which will cause abnormal proliferation of breast tissue over a long period of time.

To keep the breast healthy, women must learn to stabilize their emotions and not get angry often.


Eat a lot of high-oil, high-sugar foods.

For women, the temptation of fried foods and sweets is difficult to resist. Regular eating of these foods will increase the body fat content, and the body will become more and more obese. This will not only increase the incidence of cardiovascular disease, but also It can cause disorder of hormone secretion in the body, and cause proliferation of human mammary glands after being stimulated by hormones for a long time. In order to keep the body slim and healthy, it is recommended that women control their diet and develop good eating habits.


Eat health Food

Some women pay more attention to health preservation and often buy health products for consumption. Health products may contain hormones. Regular consumption will cause the body’s own hormone secretion to become disordered. For example, excessive secretion of estrogen levels will cause irritation to the breast. It is recommended that women do not abuse health care drugs to avoid unnecessary diseases.



What is meant by doing 3 things?

Exercise regularly.

In life, many women seldom exercise due to personal habits or work and life. Their physique will deteriorate over a long period of time, and their endocrine system may become imbalanced, which increases the incidence of various diseases. Breast disease is also one of them. Therefore, in order to keep the body healthy, it is hoped that women will spare an appropriate amount of time every week or every day to exercise and improve the body’s ability to resist diseases.


Go to bed on time.

Staying up late is a habit that many people have. Staying up for a long time will cause the body to not get enough rest, cause the function of major organs to decline, endocrine will become imbalanced, and the incidence of breast hyperplasia will increase. If you want the breast to get better, women must go to bed and get up on time to keep the body’s normal endocrine.


Wear suitable clothes and bras.

Some women often wear tight clothes or bras, causing the breasts to be squeezed for a long time, and the blood in the breasts cannot circulate smoothly, which will cause abnormal breast hyperplasia.

It is hoped that women will pay more attention to them and not wear tight clothes and bras to keep the blood flow in the breasts normal and reduce the occurrence of breast diseases.


In summary, female friends who want to keep themselves away from breast hyperplasia must persist in the above aspects. It is best to learn breast self-examination, and to understand the health of the breasts by looking and touching them. If abnormalities are found, go to the hospital in time. During the treatment period, women should strengthen their body recuperation so that the disease can be improved more quickly.



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