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Breast cancer: how to detect and prevent it early?

Breast cancer: how to detect and prevent it early?


Breast cancer: how to detect and prevent it early? 

Data from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization in 2020 show that breast cancer has become the most common cancer in the world and the number one killer that seriously harms women’s health.


Early detection and early treatment of breast cancer are very important for patients.

With the increasing incidence of breast cancer today, the majority of female friends must pay attention to the prevention of breast cancer in order to detect breast cancer in advance and adopt targeted treatment measures.


Breast cancer: how to detect and prevent it early?





How to detect breast cancer in advance?


First, understand the early symptoms of breast cancer

In the early stage of breast cancer, although the patient has no particularly obvious pain symptoms, the breasts will have paroxysmal tingling and dull pain.

Patients often have symptoms of breast lumps, and they can feel hard, movable, broad bean-sized lumps inside the breast.

If the patient’s breast lump adheres to the skin, the patient’s skin will have a more obvious sunken condition; or accompanied by nipple discharge, the overflowing liquid is generally colorless, light yellow, and milky white liquid, so be more vigilant.


Second, master the self-diagnosis method of breast cancer

You can stand in front of a mirror, take off your shirt, and observe whether the breasts are symmetrical, and whether there are breast skin depressions and folds.

Use your fingers to slowly and carefully touch your breasts to check for breast lumps. After a comprehensive breast examination, check whether there is swelling of the lymph nodes in the armpit.

During the inspection, you can also gently squeeze the nipple with your thumb and index finger to observe whether there is any turbid, light yellow, bloody liquid overflow.


During the horizontal examination, women need to put a towel and pillow under the shoulders, and then use the same method as the touch examination to check for breast lumps, breast skin abnormalities, and breast discharge.

If you find any abnormalities, you must rush to the hospital in time for a comprehensive examination.


Third, regular breast cancer screening

On the basis of self-examination, go to a professional and regular hospital for clinical examination regularly.

The examinations for breast cancer in the hospital mainly include mammography mammography examination, clinical physical examination, breast ultrasound examination, and breast MRI examination.

Female friends can take advantage of the above examinations and use precise medical equipment to regularly monitor the health of the breasts, so as to detect breast cancer early.




How to prevent breast cancer?


First, do a good job of emotional management.

People who often lose their temper and sulking, and those who have been in a state of depression for a long time, are prone to psychological stress, leading to disorders of body metabolism, which can induce various diseases and leave hidden dangers for breast cancer.

So in daily life, we need to learn to regulate and control our emotions. When facing the pressure of work and life, know how to use the things you are interested in, divert your attention, relax your mood, avoid emotional deterioration, and endanger the health of the breast.


Second, develop good living habits.

Women should sleep more than 6 hours a day and cannot stay up late, because insufficient sleep time will lead to a decline in body resistance.


Pay attention to breast hygiene, women need to wash their breasts with warm water regularly in life, change underwear frequently, and keep the breast skin clean. But do not pull the breasts, nipples hard, or rub the breasts hard.

But when washing the breast, one hand gently supports the breast, and the other hand gently rubs the breast with the fingertips.


In daily life, women need to ban smoking and alcohol, and drink less coffee and strong tea. Strengthen physical exercise and reasonably control your weight.

You should exercise at least 3 to 5 days a week, 20 to 30 minutes of exercise each time, and aerobic exercise is the main way of exercise. Such as Tai Chi, aerobics, jogging, walking, cycling, etc.


Third, scientifically adjust the diet structure.

The daily diet can take fresh fruits, vegetables, soy products, and grains as the main part of the diet. Eat less high-fat, high-calorie foods, such as fried foods and offal.

Eat more fungal foods in moderation, such as mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, hericium edodes, and fungus. This kind of food can prevent breast cancer by improving our immunity.

In your daily diet, try to eat natural foods as much as possible. Eat less processed foods that contain salt and sugar.


Fourth, do not eat weight-loss pills indiscriminately.

The principle of action of many weight-loss drugs is to achieve weight loss by dehydrating the body. Long-term use can cause internal secretion disorders.

When the progesterone in the human body is reduced due to endocrine disorders, the secretion of estrogen will increase relatively, which will easily cause breast hyperplasia and increase the risk of breast cancer.




Correct use of bras to protect breasts


Some people think that wearing a bra can cause breast cancer, but in fact, evidence-based medicine proves that there is no relationship between the two. Breasts and bras are a pair of “good girlfriends”.

Correct use of bras can not only shape the body, but also protect the breasts and reduce breast diseases.

If you wear an inappropriate bra, it will compress your breasts, affect breast lymphatic return and blood circulation, and cause gland hyperplasia.


The size of the bra should be such that it can hold and protect the breast without obstructing the blood flow of the breast.

Generally, you need to measure your bust once a year, or re-measure when your weight changes, and change your bra size in time. Different types of bras should also be prepared before and after menstruation.


The bra color is best to choose natural or light colors, as far as possible not to buy dark colors.

Dark underwear has many dyes, which may fall off and be absorbed by human skin after being contaminated with sweat, which may cause skin discomfort.


The fabric should be considered from the aspects of softness, sweat absorption, breathability, comfort, stability, etc. Silk is the best, with almost zero damage to the skin.

Cotton is also excellent, keeps warm in winter, absorbs sweat in summer, and has unique softness and naturalness.


It is advisable to wear a bra for no more than 8 hours a day. Sleep time at night should be free of restraints, and breasts should be free.


The bra should be washed and changed frequently, and don’t be lazy. The life span of a bra should not exceed 6 months.


A bra with a steel ring can produce a gathered and tall effect. But to achieve this effect, it will usually cause squeezing of the breasts, so it is generally not used unless special needs.


For women with petite breasts, you can choose a slightly larger cup-shaped bra, which not only allows blood to circulate in the chest, but also conceals the embarrassment of being ultra-thin and flat.


For those with full breasts, it is best to choose a deep cup with wide shoulder straps, a 3/4 cup or a 4/4 full cup, which can better support the breast weight, but also keep the breasts firm and gathered.


For sagging breasts, it is advisable to choose a wide-strap bra with high elasticity and side strengthening functions, which can support the sagging breasts and raise the breasts to a suitable position.


Those bras that claim to be able to eliminate accessory breasts are just promotional gimmicks of the merchants.

They can’t really eliminate accessory breasts, they just squeeze the accessory breasts into the bra. If you want to get rid of the accessory breast, you still have to find a doctor, you can’t find a bra.


In addition, wear sports underwear when exercising. Without the support of sports underwear, the maximum jump range of the breast during strenuous exercise can reach 14cm.

Therefore, you must wear sports underwear when exercising to reduce the risk of breast injury and sagging.





Breast cancer: how to detect and prevent it early?

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