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A small glass of red wine daily can easily prevent breast cancer? 

A small glass of red wine daily can easily prevent breast cancer? 


A small glass of red wine daily can easily prevent breast cancer?   American scientists once extracted a phenolic compound called “resveratrol” from grape skins and grape seeds. Through animal experiments, it was found that resveratrol can delay tumor growth and has certain anti-cancer activity.

A small glass of red wine daily can easily prevent breast cancer? 


In this regard, some people questioned: “Red wine is made from grapes, so can drinking red wine prevent breast cancer?”


Drinking red wine can prevent breast cancer?

In this regard, some experts said: No! Red wine does not prevent breast cancer!

In animal experiments, the “anti-cancer activity” shown by resveratrol requires a large dose. When converted to humans, it is equivalent to a few hundred to several thousand milligrams per day. However, resveratrol is more effective in red wine The content is only 0.5-10mg/liter, convert it… you have to drink one hundred and eighty bottles a day to reach this dose.

In addition, the “anti-cancer activity” exhibited by resveratrol is only in animal experiments, so far there is no high-quality evidence that it can play an effective anti-cancer effect in humans.

In addition, the WHO has emphasized: any alcoholic beverages, including wine, are not good for health. For women, the most common cancer associated with drinking is breast cancer.

Drinking is not only incurable, it is even more terrible, you say it is not terrible!


How to prevent breast cancer?

The cause of breast cancer is unknown and there is no specific prevention method, but the risk of breast cancer can be reduced through self-examination, screening, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, reasonable diet and exercise, and good psychological adjustment.


Can red wine help sleep?


Although alcohol can shorten the time to fall asleep, it is not reliable after falling asleep and affects the quality of sleep. Moreover, alcohol is not a good thing. Even a small amount of alcohol consumption in women can increase the risk of liver damage.

According to the “Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Insomnia in Chinese Adults (2017 Edition)” issued by the Chinese Medical Association Neurology Branch, and the “2017 ESRS European Guidelines: Diagnosis and Treatment of Insomnia” issued by the European Society for Sleep Research, it is recommended: Do not drink alcohol before going to bed.

Grape wine luminous cup, drink the hospital immediately.

Although red wine is good, it is not good for the human body, so everyone should drink less~


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