June 14, 2024

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New study: Fasting sugar to “starve” cancer cells may not be effective

New study: Fasting sugar to “starve” cancer cells may not be effective


New study: Fasting sugar to “starve” cancer cells may not be effective.   Under normal circumstances, the cells in the human body will metabolize under the control of regulatory mechanisms, that is, new cells will continue to grow, while old cells will gradually wither and die. Their growth and death laws are all under a fixed pattern. .

However, if there is a mutation in the DNA of the cell, they will escape the normal regulatory mechanism and begin to proliferate in a single place in the body!

The essence of cancer is genetic disease. Cancer cells will multiply malignantly in the body and eventually form cancer. Related studies have shown that a cancer of about 1 gram contains 1 billion cancer cells.


However, cancer cells come from the human body after all. Although they can proliferate monoclonally and are not detected by the immune system, they need the body’s normal nutritional supply!

A research report from the United States on February 15 this year showed that cancer cells are very “sugarophilic”. They can swallow sugar and obtain adequate nutrition to maintain their own proliferation and growth needs. Therefore, blocking the absorption of sugar by cancer cells allows more sugar to be used by immune cells, which is conducive to improving the effect of immunotherapy!


As soon as this conclusion was announced, many cancer patients had a wrong understanding, believing that as long as they are “starved” and do not take in carbon water and sugar, cancer cells will naturally wither and die.


However, is this really the case?

In fact, in the 1920s, scientists discovered that cancer cells would preferentially use the characteristics of sugar function, and their ability to take up sugar far exceeds that of ordinary cells.


However, this does not mean that patients can kill cancer cells if they are hungry all the time. It is important to know that healthy cells still need nutrient supply, and treatment methods such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery will cause nutritional consumption!

Even if the patient completely fasts, cancer cells will get the energy they need from other nutrients stored in the body. This will result in less and less nutrient supply for healthy cells, and the patient’s body will become weaker, which will affect the immune function. Cause the immune system to become more and more fragile. In other words, you have been swallowed by cancer cells before you starve to death!


Not only that, patients who are overly weak are often unable to withstand surgical treatment, or even the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Once the body is weakened to the extreme, it means that the patient can only suspend treatment and focus on conditioning the body first. This undoubtedly leaves more room for cancer cells to develop, and ultimately makes the patient’s condition go to the point where there is no cure and no medicine is available. To the point!

However, clinically, a way of dieting and drugs to starve cancer cells has indeed been discovered. It is: indirect fasting + metformin!


A European research team has found that intermittent dietary restriction can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and will not cause weight loss. The epidemiological survey also showed that patients taking metformin tablets had a significant decrease in cancer incidence and mortality. Further research directly pointed out that metformin and intermittent diet restriction can coordinate the effect and inhibit tumor growth!

However, this method is not suitable for all cancer patients, it is only suitable for clinical standard treatment, and it has not been widely used in clinical practice. It is still in the research stage.

Therefore, for cancer patients, blindly attempting fasting has great health risks to the body and can promote the further development of the disease. Patients need to follow the doctor’s recommendations, scientifically adjust their diet, and prepare for the next treatment.


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