June 19, 2024

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Nature Cancer: Turns cells of colon cancer into normal cells!

Nature Cancer: Turns cells of colon cancer into normal cells!


Nature Cancer: Turns cells of colon cancer into normal cells!.   According to the findings of biologists at the University of California, Irvine, the use of an improved natural substance and current methods can improve the treatment of colon cancer.

This discovery stems from their research on the role of an amino acid in tumor development and potential methods to reverse this process.

Their paper was published in the journal Nature Cancer. Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States.

80% of colon cancers are caused by mutations in the protein adenomatous polyposis Escherichia coli (APC).

Although most people with this mutation will develop polyps, some polyps will become cancerous. This phenomenon is not fully understood.

The research team decided to investigate the non-genetic factors that may cause this disease, focusing on the role of the amino acid glutamine.

Nature Cancer: Turns cells of colon cancer into normal cells!

Kong Mei, associate professor of molecular biology and biochemistry, said: “Cancer cells need to consume a lot of glutamine to proliferate. But we found that depriving them of glutamine does not kill all tumor cells. Some tumor cells Being able to adapt, in fact, when their glutamine supply is insufficient, they become a more aggressive cancer.”

Researchers found that after glutamine starvation, the decline in the level of the cell metabolite-ketoglutarate was accompanied by the conversion of benign cells to cancer cells. This discovery prompted them to further study the role of metabolites. When they provided a modified version of ketoglutarate for an animal model of APC mutation, the results were remarkable. Only 23% of the mice that received this modified metabolite developed rectal bleeding, which is a sign of intestinal tumors, while 90% of the mice that did not receive this metabolite developed rectal bleeding. It can also inhibit tumor growth and prevent disease-related symptoms such as weight loss.

Thai Q. Tran, the first author of the paper, said: “Supplementation with modified ketoglutarate can inhibit a key cancer development signaling pathway in colon cancer cells, turning them into more normal cells. It is also worth noting that , We mix it with drinking water, so it is easy to take and it will not affect overall health.”

The research team hopes to further study the modification of metabolites to specifically target colon cancer cells. Professor Kong said: “We believe that this new discovery shows that the use of less toxic and more natural methods, combined with current treatment methods, can more successfully treat colon cancer while better protecting the overall health of patients. huge potential.”


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