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World third mRNA COVID-19 vaccine with only 47% protection

World third mRNA COVID-19 vaccine with only 47% protection



World third mRNA COVID-19 vaccine with only 47% protection.  The third mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, the interim report has only 47% protection, and it is facing failure! Vaccine supply in developing countries has been hit again.

On June 16, 2021, German mRNA vaccine company CureVac announced that its mRNA vaccine phase 2b/3 clinical trial HERALD study showed that the CVnCoV COVID-19 vaccine has only 47% protection against COVID-19.

This is also the lowest protection among vaccines that have completed clinical trials.

The result immediately caused widespread media attention and reports, because it was another major blow to the European Union and developing countries’ vaccine supply.

Let’s first look at the specific situation of the HERALD clinical study by German CureVac company.

The study included 40,000 subjects from 10 countries in Europe and Latin America. In the interim analysis, 134 people were infected with SARS-CoV-2.

124 of these cases were genetically sequenced, and only one case was infected with the original new coronavirus strain, and the other infected people were infected with the mutant strain; among them, 57% of the infected people were infected by the more serious WHO. (VOC) mutant strain.



Germany’s CureVac company’s CVnCoV COVID-19 vaccine has been high hopes

First of all, this is a German vaccine company, which is the key to the EU’s fight against the COVID-19 epidemic.

In fact, the European Union has always been “stuck” in the use of the COVID-19 vaccine. The mRNA vaccine developed by the German BioNTech company was further developed by Pfizer in the United States, and one of the six candidates was screened; but the production and export are mainly from the United States. Decided.

Another vaccine star AstraZeneca’s adenovirus vector vaccine is also subject to export restrictions from the UK.

Other vaccines, such as Moderna’s vaccines, are beyond reach.

As a result, some Eastern European countries within the EU buy vaccines from Russia and China.

Secondly, on November 12, 2020, CureVac reported that the CVnCoV vaccine can be stored stably at 5 degrees Celsius and remains active for up to 3 months, and can be stored at room temperature for 24 hours.

This feature greatly reduces the storage and transportation requirements of the vaccine, which is very beneficial to its rapid promotion on a global scale.

In fact, in the early days of the epidemic, former US President Trump privately authorized contact with CureVac, and wanted to purchase the company for $1 billion. As a result, the EU decisively intercepted the transaction.
nowadays. . .




The CVnCoV vaccine from Germany’s CureVac has only 47% protection. Is it unexpected?

Actually not at all. At least our project team has not been optimistic about the CVnCoV COVID-19 vaccine.
Reasons include:

1) Technology:

Highly protective vaccines have two key features: the vaccine antigen in the pre-fusion conformation of the new coronavirus spike protein (S protein) + liposome nanoparticles to protect the antigen.

The German CureVac company CVnCoV targets the full-length mRNA vaccine of the new coronavirus S antigen.

2) Neutralizing antibodies

The early results of the CVnCoV COVID-19 vaccine reported by CureVac in Germany showed that the level of induced neutralizing antibodies was only comparable to that of recovered patients.
The three companies adopting the above two key technologies are all around 4 times. The neutralizing antibody induced by NVX‑CoV2373 was 3.97 times the antibody level of the recovered patients, which was equivalent to the neutralizing antibody level induced by the mRNA vaccines of Moderna (4.13 times) and Pfizer/BioNTech (3.84 times).

3) Mutant strain

We only look at the latest real-world research results on the Indian mutant strains. Two doses of Pfizer/BioTech vaccine in Scotland have 92% protection against non-mutant strains and 79% protection against mutant strains. AstraZeneca vaccine has 73% protection against non-mutant strains and 60% protection against mutant strains. (The neutralizing antibody induced by AstraZeneca adenovirus vector vaccine is 1.12 times that of recovered patients, which is also higher than that of CVnCoV mRNA vaccine from CureVac in Germany)

In the face of VOC mutant strains, the protective power of the COVID-19 vaccine is significantly reduced, but the original particularly high vaccine is at least effective, and the originally low protective vaccine is likely to be ineffective.



Is there any hope for the CVnCoV COVID-19 vaccine from CureVac in Germany?

The CVnCoV COVID-19 mRNA vaccine has so many unique advantages that it is not only the developing countries that are looking forward to it, the EU has also ordered 405 million doses of the vaccine; it should be rescued.

The CEO of CureVac said: As the final analysis of at least 80 additional cases continues, the overall protection of the vaccine may change.But even if there are changes, the protective power of CureVac’s mRNA vaccine will not be too high.

In addition, CureVac is also working with GlaxoSmithKline to develop a new coronavirus vaccine.





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