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Cancer cells have begun to spread if patients have some symptoms?

Cancer cells have begun to spread if patients have some symptoms?



Cancer cells have begun to spread if patients have some symptoms?  If the cancer cells spread, it will be more difficult to treat, the treatment will become more difficult, and the death rate of patients will increase.

In life, many people talk about cancer. Speaking of cancer, people are frightened and helpless. When they think of cancer, they think of death.

For patients who are diagnosed with cancer, if it is an early stage cancer, it can be controlled by radical treatment methods such as surgery.

However, if the cancer is in the middle and advanced stages, the condition is complicated, and the treatment effect will be quite different. Even if it is controlled by many treatments, if the follow-up treatment does not keep up, the living habits are not good, and the diet is not careful, it is easy to spread.


If the cancer cells spread, it will be more difficult to treat, the treatment will become more difficult, and the death rate of patients will increase. Cancer patients will have abnormal symptoms when the cancer cells spread. I hope it will help you in this popular science.



These symptoms in cancer patients indicate that cancer cells have begun to spread

The first symptom, abnormal body fever

We all know that cancer does not develop in a day. Most cancers develop from chronic inflammation. When the body has inflammation, there will be different degrees of fever. If the inflammation is not well controlled, cancer will occur. When cancer cells are difficult to control, inflammatory mediators are released, which can cause abnormal fever in the body.

In addition, with the worsening of the disease, the number of cancer cells is increasing. When a large number of cancer cells gather together, the body’s nutrients will be exhausted, and normal cells will die without the support of sufficient nutrients. And when the necrotic cells are absorbed by the body, fever will also occur. Therefore, if a cancer patient develops fever inexplicably during treatment, he should be alert to the spread of cancer cells, get an examination as soon as possible, and contact a doctor to formulate a new treatment plan.


The second symptom, significant weight loss

When a person does not lose weight, under normal circumstances, there is such a situation as weight loss for no reason, such as weight loss, becoming yellow and thin, and malnutrition, it is necessary to consider the appearance of cancer cells in the body. Cancer cells are very stubborn. Even after the diagnosis, some cancer cells can escape the strangulation of the immune system and chemotherapy drugs through treatment.

When these cancer cells spread in other places, in order to maintain their own nutrition and ensure their development, they will compete with normal cells for limited nutrition. When normal cells lack nutrients, the body’s functions will emit red lights, and the body will be extremely thin and abnormally weak.

Therefore, many patients with advanced cancer or those who died of cancer are skinny and not human at the end of their lives. This is the result of cancer cell invasion, which should be paid attention to.


The third symptom, swollen lymph nodes

The lymphatic system is an important immune system of the human body, but when cancer cells appear in the body, the lymphatic system will also become an important target for spreading. Because only if the lymphocytes are taken down and the human immune system is destroyed, the cancer cells will have more room to live.

When cancer is diagnosed, cancer cells will compete with lymphocytes when they enter the lymphatic ducts, leading to abnormal lymphatic enlargement, which is one of the typical symptoms of cancer. When the cancer cells metastasize, the lymph will also be attacked and swollen. This should be paid attention to, and once found, contact the doctor in time.


The fourth symptom, pain in multiple parts

Many cancers will metastasize and spread in the middle and late stages. Cancer cells transfer to other parts of the body with the blood and lymph fluid, which makes the treatment more difficult. If there is pain in multiple parts of the body, it is likely that the late signal has been sent out.

Some cancers can damage bones through bone metastasis, and bones in multiple parts of the body will be painful. If brain metastases occur, there will be head pain. It is not just the pain in the original cancerous part, but other parts of the body will be cancerous. Pain is obvious after metastasis, and this indicates that the cancer has reached an advanced stage.


The fifth symptom, more fatigue and fatigue

Most people will get worse after the cancer has metastasized and spread, and cancers that have advanced to an advanced stage are more likely to metastasize, and there may be obvious symptoms of fatigue during the onset. Cancer has just started to appear, and the body has not suffered any obvious damage. Maybe the mental state is still very good, and the development of cancer cells can be controlled by actively cooperating with the treatment. However, many people miss the signs of disease. After the cancer is severe, the functions of multiple organs in the body are reduced, normal life activities cannot be maintained, and there are usually obvious symptoms of fatigue.


Sixth symptom, bleeding signs

Bleeding is also one of the common symptoms of cancer patients. Necrosis of the tumor body often causes a small amount of local hemorrhage, but if the tumor body erodes the surrounding blood vessels, it will cause severe hemorrhage. Common ones include hematemesis, melena, vaginal bleeding, blood in the urine, nosebleeds, and blood in sputum.


Seventh symptom, obstruction sign

Any enlargement of the tumor in the lumen of the body will cause changes in the lumen. The most common is lumen stenosis, and even more so, it will cause lumen obstruction. If the tumor in the esophagus enlarges, it will cause difficulty in swallowing, choking or even blockage when eating; the enlargement of the trachea and throat tumors will compress the trachea and throat nerves, resulting in shortness of breath, hoarseness, and silence.


Can the metastasis of cancer cells be cured?

At present, about 30% of cancers can be cured clinically. Although there is no specific treatment for cancer, this does not mean that the phenomenon of metastasis means that there is no hope, because there is still the possibility of curing cancer cells after metastasis. However, when the body is occupied by cancer cells, the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy will make the patients very uncomfortable, so the physical fitness of many patients will be difficult to support.

After cancer cells have metastasized, the usual treatment is conservative treatment, such as traditional Chinese medicine treatment, which is a very good treatment, but it requires long-term adherence. Therefore, we do not need to maintain the attitude of “talking about cancerous discoloration”, but we cannot ignore the screening of cancer. If there are any abnormalities in the body, we need to be checked in time, so that there will be no metastasis of cancer cells.

Cancer has the risk of spreading and metastasis. Therefore, cancer patients should actively prevent and avoid metastasis and spread. Active cooperation with treatment is the first task. After that, take good care of daily and go to the hospital for regular review. The key is not to take it lightly. .





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