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Moderna is developping “super COVID-19 vaccine”  for children aged 5-11

Moderna is developping “super COVID-19 vaccine”  for children aged 5-11

Moderna is developping “super COVID-19 vaccine”  for children aged 5-11. 

Two vaccine giants, Pfizer and Moderna, are currently vying to seek regulatory approval for their own vaccines in children under 12 years of age. Especially Pfizer, according to Reuters, the company issued a statement on the 10th that it will report to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sometime in September the experimental data of children aged 5 to 11 vaccinated against Pfizer.

Pfizer also stated that it will soon obtain data on the COVID-19 vaccine for children between 2 and 5 years old, and the safety and immunogens of children 6 months to 2 years old about the vaccine against Pfizer will be available from October to November at the earliest in 2021. Sexual data.

Moderna is developping "super COVID-19 vaccine"  for children aged 5-11

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At present, Canada has fully approved Pfizer and Moderna’s two COVID-19 vaccines for vaccination of adolescents aged 12 to 18, but in the United States, the FDA currently only fully approves Pfizer for vaccination of people over 16 years of age.

The FDA said on September 10 that children undergoing clinical trials of the COVID-19 vaccine need at least two months to monitor possible side effects, and the agency is considering using a faster review method to authorize the COVID-19 vaccine “emergency use in children.” ——As long as the vaccine company submits the data, the review will be completed “as soon as possible within a few weeks.”

In addition, Moderna announced on September 9 that the company is developing a “pan-respiratory annual booster vaccine”-combining the latest experimental influenza vaccine and the COVID-19 vaccine to achieve the goal of “killing two birds with one stone.”

The company’s CEO Stephane Bancel told the media that Moderna’s current priority is to customize and upgrade this vaccine and then market it. Novavax, another vaccine company involved in the development of Moderna’s “annual pan-respiratory tract booster vaccine”, said on September 8 that related trials will be conducted in Australia.

Moderna is developping "super COVID-19 vaccine"  for children aged 5-11

(Picture from CBC)

It is understood that this trial will recruit 640 healthy adults aged 50 to 70 years old, who have either been infected with the COVID-19 virus before or received the COVID-19 vaccine 8 weeks before the trial. Volunteers will be vaccinated with a mixture of Novavax’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate NVX-CoV2373 and influenza vaccine NanoFlu, as well as adjuvants and booster shots. The experiment is expected to obtain experimental results in the first half of 2022.

Novavax R&D president Gregory Glenn said in a statement, “The combination of these two vaccines may help improve the efficiency of the healthcare system and achieve a high level of protection against the COVID-19 and influenza viruses through a single solution.” According to CBC reports, previous studies have shown that the NanoFlu/NVX-CoV2373 mixed vaccine can provoke a strong human immune response to influenza A and B viruses, and preclinical studies have shown that this mixed vaccine can prevent the new coronavirus.

At present, Novavax has not applied for emergency use authorization of its COVID-19 vaccine in North America or Europe, but according to an agreement signed by the company with the European Union in September 2021, Novavax will provide 200 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine to EU countries, and it will be released on September 9. Submit vaccination data to EU regulators between the end of the month and October.

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