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Swiss neurologist made 3 completely paralyzed people Walk Cycle Swim

Swiss neurologist made 3 completely paralyzed people Walk Cycle Swim


Medical miracle: Swiss neurologist made 3 completely paralyzed people Walk Cycle Swim.

Spinal cord injury refers to damage to the spinal cord caused by trauma (such as a car accident), disease, or degeneration (such as cancer) in which patients experience partial or complete loss of somatomotor and sensory function below the level of injury, depending on the location and severity of the injury, As well as uncontrolled urination and defecation, it brings a heavy economic and psychological burden to the patients themselves and their families.


After lying down or sitting through this life, the meaning of life and the passion of life slumber with the immobile body, and the soul is imprisoned in the cage of the body.


To experience the feeling of being down-to-earth again, a dream that was once out of reach for paralyzed patients is now being realized by scientists.


Spinal cord stimulation electrodes developed by Dr. Grégoire Courtine of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne and neurosurgeon Jocelyne Bloch of the University Hospital of Lausanne, when implanted in the body, allowed three fully paralyzed patients to live in three fully paralyzed patients by activating the areas of the spinal cord that control the muscles of the trunk and legs.

Within hours of treatment, she was able to stand, walk, cycle, swim, and control her trunk movements. The study was published in Nature Medicine on February 8, 2022.


Swiss neurologist made 3 completely paralyzed people Walk Cycle Swim


People become paralyzed because spinal cord injury cuts off electrical signaling between the brain and the lower spinal cord. Although the spinal cord below the injury site is fully functional, it can no longer receive motor commands from the cerebral cortex.


The spinal cord electrical stimulation electrodes developed by the research team release electrical stimulation at the exact time and location after being implanted in a specific area of ​​the spinal cord. The electrical stimulation simulates the motor commands transmitted by the brain and activates the motor neurons that control the muscles of each leg. Through these motor neurons, the corresponding muscles are innervated, so that the originally paralyzed muscles are mobilized.


Swiss neurologist made 3 completely paralyzed people Walk Cycle Swim
Legend: Electrical stimulation electrodes implanted in specific spinal cord areas below the level of spinal cord injury


As the researchers state, “The exact timing and location of electrical stimulation is critical to a patient’s ability to generate the desired movement, and this study achieved an unprecedented level of precision in electrical stimulation of the spinal cord.

Based on years of research in animal models, we have The underlying mechanisms of lower extremity movement have been well understood (for example, in what chronological order or which parts of the motor neurons need to be activated to complete a “walk”) , so we can use this set of devices to mimic the brain in real time how the neurons in the spinal cord are naturally activated.”


As early as 2018, the team first achieved the miracle of paralyzed patients from wheelchair to upright walking – after a week of running-in with the electrical stimulation electrode device, three long-term paraplegic patients were able to walk with the help of a walker (weight support). , During rehabilitation, the participants were able to walk more than 1 km with the help of targeted electrical stimulation and a body weight support system and showed no leg muscle fatigue.


Swiss neurologist made 3 completely paralyzed people Walk Cycle Swim


Not only that, paraplegic patients have greatly improved their ability to control their muscles voluntarily. Even without the assistance of electrical stimulation, their performance in the 10-meter and 6-minute clinical walk tests has improved significantly, indicating that electrode stimulation can not only make Long-term exercises like walking on the ground (walking with electrical stimulation) also help damaged nerves repair themselves.


Of course, scientists don’t stop there. In 2022, they will come with their latest results, which will bring us huge surprises.


By implanting longer and wider wires and improving the arrangement of electrodes on the spinal cord, it is possible to control not only the leg muscles but also the trunk muscles.

In addition, the team also introduced artificial intelligence to decode various types of The movement corresponding to the “electrical stimulation program”.


Through the remote control on the walker, you can remotely select the motor electrical stimulation program set in the tablet computer, start the pacemaker worn on the patient’s abdomen, and release the electrical stimulation corresponding to the movement by the electrodes in the specific spinal cord, activate the neurons, and regulate the muscles. , to complete the activity.


Swiss neurologist made 3 completely paralyzed people Walk Cycle Swim


Compared to four years ago, which required a one-week break-in with an electrical stimulation device to achieve walking, three completely paralyzed patients are now able to independently stand, walk, cycle, swim and swim within a few hours of implanting the electrodes. Control torso movement.


Currently, the research team is cooperating with ONWARD Medical, with a view to promoting the research results into clinical treatment, truly improving the lives of thousands of paralyzed patients, allowing them to regain their beauty and enjoy life.


Accidents destroy their lives unexpectedly, thanks to technology for giving life unlimited expectations and possibilities.



Swiss neurologist made 3 completely paralyzed people Walk Cycle Swim

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