June 22, 2024

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The World first country to declare COVID-19 pandemic over

The World first country to declare COVID-19 pandemic over


The World first country to declare COVID-19 pandemic over.

Sweden officially announced in the early morning of February 09, the COVID-19 virus will no longer be regarded as a major social hazard, and the Swedish government will also cancel the remaining restrictive measures, including the termination of large-scale COVID-19 virus testing, becoming the world’s first country where the epidemic is over!


Sweden announced last week that it would lift restrictions due to high vaccination rates and the less severe Omicron outbreak, with fewer hospitalizations and deaths, effectively announcing the end of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Swedish Health Minister Hallengren said that the epidemic as we know it is over. In terms of how fast it spreads, the virus is still there, but the virus is no longer classified as a social hazard, she said.


The World first country to declare COVID-19 pandemic over.Crowds line up outside a nightclub in the city of Malmö after Sweden lifted epidemic prevention restrictions (Source: Reuters)


From the 9th, bars and restaurants are allowed to open after 11 pm, the number of customers is no longer limited, and the restrictions on the number of people entering large indoor venues and the requirement to show vaccine passes have also been lifted.

At the same time, only high-risk groups such as medical staff are entitled to free PCR COVID-19 nucleic acid testing if they have symptoms, and the rest of the people with symptoms are asked to stay at home.


“We have reached a point where the cost and relevance of Covid-19 testing is no longer justified,” said Karin Tegmark Wiesel, director of the Swedish Public Health Agency. She added: “If we were to If people are tested, that would mean spending 5 billion kronor (about 3.5 billion yuan) a week.”


Pankania, a professor at the University of Exeter School of Medicine in the United Kingdom, believes that Sweden has led the way, and other countries will inevitably join in, that is, people no longer need large-scale testing, but only in high-risk groups such as hospitals and nursing homes. Sensitive locations are used for testing.


However, the most staunch critic of the “herd immunity” policy, Erger, a professor of virology at Umeå University in Sweden, thinks otherwise. He told Reuters: “COVID-19 is still a huge burden on society, we should be a little more patient and wait at least a few more weeks, there is enough money to continue testing.”


Reuters pointed out that there are still about 2,200 COVID-19 pneumonia patients in Sweden being hospitalized, which is roughly the same number as last year’s Delta epidemic. Today, with widespread free testing being halted, no one can know the exact number of outbreaks in Sweden.




The World first country to declare COVID-19 pandemic over

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