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Reduce the development time of gene editing therapy to 1 to 2 years?

Reduce the development time of gene editing therapy to 1 to 2 years?


Reduce the development time of gene editing therapy to 1 to 2 years? Synthego raises $200 million in Series E funding

Recently, genome engineering company Synthego announced the completion of a $200 million Series E round of financing led by Perceptive Advisors, with participation from RA Capital Management and SoftBank Vision Fund 2.

The financing will be used to accelerate the creation of cell and gene therapy discovery and development systems to help researchers realize and simplify the process of translating new discoveries into new treatments for serious diseases.


Founded in 2012, Synthego is a genome engineering company headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. The company was co-founded by brothers Paul and Michael Dabrowski , who worked at SpaceX , founded by Elon Musk , before entering the biosciences .


Synthego is building a platform for scientific research at scale through machine learning, automation and gene editing. Advancing drug discovery and cell and gene therapy through genome engineering. The company’s main businesses include genetically engineering cells with CRISPR, providing synthetic RNA solutions, and providing bioinformatics .


Reduce the development time of gene editing therapy to 1 to 2 years?



“CRISPR has become a powerful discovery tool, and the field is now at an inflection point. Translating new discoveries into clinical applications to treat countless serious diseases, including cancer and genetic diseases, is within reach.

With Synthego’s full suite of specialized With the platform, clinical-grade manufacturing capabilities, and strong relationships with industry, academia and investors, we are well-positioned to help our customers usher in a new era of gene and cellular medicines, ultimately ensuring that all patients have access to these therapies,” said Synthego’s said co-founder and CEO Paul Dabrowski.


“CRISPR is increasingly being accepted as a treatment modality,” Paul Dabrowski said in an interview, “so we’re leaning toward the clinical translational part of the business and leveraging these platforms to simplify and speed things up from early detection and preclinical work. to clinical trials.” The ultimate goal , he says, is to reduce the time it takes to get a gene-editing therapy from about four years to one or two years.


Reduce the development time of gene editing therapy to 1 to 2 years?Figure | Paul Dabrowski (Source: engadget)



In terms of specific uses of this financing, Synthego plans to expand the capacity and capabilities of its gene editing tool platform, Halo, and its genome-engineered cell platform, Eclipse , to drive broad access to genome-engineering tools and genome-engineered cells.

Synthego will also focus on next-generation technologies such as CRISPROff , a specific and precise light-controlled CRISPR gene-editing technology, and increase its GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) manufacturing capabilities to support its customers’ clinical and treatment plans .


New financing and development directions have also attracted a large number of talents. Synthego employs as many as 400 people and has hired Avi Raval, a former managing director at investment banking firm Perella Weinberg Partners, as chief financial officer, Paul Dabrowski said. Raval has more than 20 years of experience in finance and strategy and holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the Wharton School.


Still, key parts of the company’s new production plans and overall business model have not been made public.


Reduce the development time of gene editing therapy to 1 to 2 years?Figure | Synthego financing (source: crunchbase)



Synthego’s primary service is the design of guide RNAs (gRNAs) for government and academic labs , and the company counts nearly 1,000 peer-reviewed studies that have used Synthego technology in at least one step, including one developing Altz Large NIH project on a stem cell model of Hemer’s disease.

Although they list partnerships with various government and trade groups, until now they have not announced any major partnerships with any company within the industry.


In terms of production, Paul Dabrowski said that Synthego has made relevant upgrades to meet FDA clinical trial standards and can now help customers provide reagents and key components for CRISPR therapies. But details about the new facility remain sparse. “We’ll be making more specific announcements about the size and capacity of the facility soon, and that’s where a good chunk of the money is going,” Paul Dabrowski said.


Notably, Paul Dabrowski also revealed that Synthego may be ready for an IPO , when full details of the company’s technology will be revealed.






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Reduce the development time of gene editing therapy to 1 to 2 years?

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