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Moderna submits application for global marketing of RSV mRNA vaccine

Moderna submits application for global marketing of RSV mRNA vaccine


Moderna submits application for global marketing of RSV mRNA vaccine


On July 5, Moderna announced the submission of global marketing applications for the RSV mRNA vaccine mRNA-1345, including the submission of marketing applications to the European Union, Switzerland, and Australia, and the submission of rolling marketing applications to the FDA .


Moderna submits application for global marketing of RSV mRNA vaccine


On the same day, American vaccine manufacturer Moderna’s recently registered company in China, Medina Biotechnology, held an investment agreement signing ceremony with the Minhang District Government in Shanghai, marking the official settlement of the world’s leading mRNA vaccine company in Shanghai and the establishment of its Chinese headquarters here.


Stéphane Bancel, CEO of Moderna, attended the signing ceremony. He said at the signing ceremony: ” Our goal of entering China is very simple, that is, we hope to cooperate with China’s top universities and research laboratories in research and development, and at the same time try our best to All products will be clinically tested in China and introduced to the market in a safe manner .”


Bancel said that Moderna will build a factory and produce in China in the future. The products that are expected to be the first to land in China include Moderna’s respiratory vaccine products , such as respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine and influenza vaccine.


Moderna’s mRNA biotechnology has played an important role in the COVID-19 epidemic. The company and the German vaccine manufacturer BioNTech have become the first companies in the world to launch mRNA vaccines. This technology is expected to play a role in the treatment of tumors and heart diseases in the future.


However, due to the sharp decline in demand for the COVID-19 vaccine, Moderna predicted in February this year that its performance in 2023 may suffer a loss. In this context, manufacturers including Moderna are looking for growth points in the next stage, and investment in the Chinese market will become an important layout for their strategic development.


According to Moderna’s plan, the prevention of COVID-19s and other respiratory diseases through single-dose combination vaccines will become a direction in the future. At present, influenza vaccines, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccines, and COVID-19 vaccines all need to be vaccinated separately. The development of combined vaccines can greatly improve vaccination compliance.


Globally, Moderna’s combination vaccine against the new coronavirus and influenza virus is in early clinical trials; another vaccine to prevent influenza virus and RSV virus is also in early clinical trials; Moderna is also developing a triple vaccine that can At the same time for the new coronavirus, influenza virus and RSV virus.


Moderna’s combination vaccine could be available in the U.S. as early as 2025, Moderna’s chief medical officer Paul Burton said earlier this year. At the same time, Moderna is still developing mRNA cancer vaccines, and predicts that by 2030, new vaccines for cancer, heart disease and other diseases may be developed.


In early April this year, Bancel visited Shanghai Minhang District for the first time. On May 24, Moderna registered Medina (China) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in Shanghai through its British holding company, with a registered capital of US$100 million . In just 3 months, it announced that it will officially settle in Shanghai and build a production plant. This is largely due to the attention and support of the relevant departments in Shanghai.


Bancel said that since he first came to China in 1995, he has paid close attention to the development of China’s scientific research field, and he affirmed the progress made by Chinese scientific research institutions. During his two visits to China in the past few months, Bancel visited and inspected scientific research institutions of universities including the Center for Translational Medicine of Shanghai Jiaotong University.


First-ever cancer vaccine expected in months


Before the manufacture of the COVID-19 vaccine, Moderna invested in the field of cancer treatment very early. Recently, an mRNA vaccine developed by Moderna for the treatment of melanoma and a new cancer therapy of Mok’s immunotherapy drug have been carried out. to phase II clinical trials.


Moderna has dozens of vaccines in development






Moderna submits application for global marketing of RSV mRNA vaccine

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