February 24, 2024

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Chinese Vaccines Can Quickly Induce Immune Responses

Chinese vaccines can quickly induce immune responses and provide adequate protection


 The Lancet: Chinese vaccines can quickly induce immune responses and provide adequate protection.

According to a report from Reuters on the 18th, the authoritative medical journal “The Lancet-Infectious Diseases” published a peer-reviewed paper on Chinese vaccines online on Wednesday.

Test results showed that the vaccine triggered a rapid immune response, but the level of antibodies produced was lower than those of patients who had recovered from the disease.



"The Lancet": Chinese vaccines can quickly induce immune responses


However, the researchers said that based on the development experience of other vaccines and clinical research data on macaques, the vaccine can provide adequate immune protection.


The report pointed out that this research follows the optimistic news released this month by Pfizer, Moderna and Russia’s “Satellite V” vaccine. According to mid-term data from large-scale late-stage trials, these experimental vaccines are more than 90% effective.


The new coronavirus vaccine and four other experimental vaccines developed in China are currently undergoing late-stage trials to confirm their effectiveness in preventing COVID-19 pneumonia.


The study also evaluated the results of phase I and phase II clinical trials of the vaccine, involving more than 700 Chinese participants.

Zhu Fengcai, the co-corresponding author of the paper, said: “Our research results show that by injecting two doses of SINOVAC(Kexing) vaccine at an interval of 14 days, a rapid antibody response can be induced after four weeks of immunization.” The statement said: “We believe that this makes the vaccine suitable for emergency use during the epidemic.”


The paper also said that to determine whether the immune response triggered by this vaccine can protect people from infection, the results of large-scale late-stage trials, that is, phase three clinical trials, are particularly important.


SINOVAC(Kexing) vaccine is currently undergoing phase three trials in Indonesia, Brazil and Turkey.


According to the report, according to peer-reviewed papers, two other vaccines in China have also been proven to be safe in early and mid-term trials and can trigger an immune response.


Zeng Gang, a researcher from SINOVAC(Kexing) Company involved in vaccine research, said SINOVAC(Kexing) vaccine may be an attractive option because it can be stored in a refrigerator at 2 to 8 degrees Celsius and may remain stable for up to three years.


In contrast, vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna require colder storage.

Pfizer’s vaccines must be stored and transported at temperatures of minus 70 degrees Celsius. Moderna’s vaccine is expected to be stable for 30 days at normal refrigerator temperature, but if it is to be stored for 6 months, it needs to be stored at minus 20 degrees Celsius.



Chinese vaccines can quickly induce immune responses and provide adequate protection

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