May 22, 2024

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COVID-19: 48 of the 546 NBA Players Positive

COVID-19: 48 of the 546 NBA Players Positive

COVID-19: 48 of the 546 NBA Players Positive. according to the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), anyone who tests positive for the COVID-19 will be quarantined before the NBA and NBPA allow them to end their quarantine in accordance with regulations.

Netease Sports reported on December 3: NEWS to Shams, sources revealed that the initial test results for the COVID-19 virus from November 24 to 30 showed that 48 of the 546 NBA players tested positive.

COVID-19: 48 of the 546 NBA Players Positive

Just yesterday, two Warriors players tested positive for the COVID-19. Warriors general manager Meyers revealed that the two Warriors players were infected with the COVID-19 virus during the welcome ceremony, but due to compliance with the league agreement, the names of these two players will not be disclosed.

According to Wizards coach Brooks, one of his team also has a positive infection with the COVID-19, but he is not currently in Washington, DC, and has never been to DC before.

The 134-page 2020-21 “Health and Safety Protocol Guidelines” issued by the NBA last week showed that if a player tests positive for the COVID-19, there are two ways they can return to the game:

1. Isolate for at least 10 days after the first test is positive or symptoms appear.

2. Participate in two more tests (at least 24 hours apart) after the test is positive, and the results are all negative.

According to Woshen’s report, the NBA said that if there are separate cases of the COVID-19 in the 2020-21 season (that is, if there is no spread between the team and the players), or if the number of cases is very small or lower than the expected number, The NBA does not need to suspend or cancel the 2020-21 season.