April 15, 2024

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China COVID-19 vaccine approved in UAE with 86% effective

China COVID-19 vaccine approved in UAE with 86% effective

China COVID-19 vaccine approved in UAE with 86% effective. China SINOPHARM COVID-19 inactivated vaccine approved n UAE, with an effective rate of 86%. The Phase III trial of Sinopharm vaccine in the UAE showed that the vaccine has an effective rate of 86%.

The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention announced the official registration of China National Pharmaceutical Group’s COVID-19 inactivated vaccine in the country.

China COVID-19 vaccine approved in UAE with 86% effective

According to the Global Times, citing reports from the Emirates News Agency, the Ministry of Health and Prevention today announced the registration of the new coronavirus inactivated vaccine developed by the Beijing Institute of Biological Products of Sinopharm Group in the country. This decision was made in response to an application made by China Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sinopharm Zhongsheng”), a subsidiary of Sinopharm Group.

The Emirates News Agency stated that the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention and the Abu Dhabi Ministry of Health have also reviewed the Phase III clinical trial data submitted by Sinopharm Zhongsheng. This clinical trial conducted by about 31,000 volunteers of 125 different nationalities showed that the effectiveness of this Chinese-produced new coronavirus inactivated vaccine against viral infections was 86%, and the neutralizing antibody conversion rate was 99. %, 100% can prevent moderate and severe cases of COVID-19 pneumonia. Moreover, related studies have not found any serious safety hazards in vaccines.

The Emirates News Agency also revealed that this vaccine has actually been authorized for emergency use in the country in September this year to protect medical staff fighting on the front line of the epidemic. The UAE official’s follow-up evaluation and investigation results of this emergency use authorization are similar to the clinical trial data provided by Sinopharm Zhongsheng, showing that the vaccine is effective and safe.

Affected by this news, in the afternoon of December 9th, Sinopharm’s share price rose linearly, and as of press time, the increase was over 8%. Sinopharm has turned from a decline to an increase of more than 1%, and Sinopharm has unanimously increased more than 2%.


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