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China Adenovirus Vector COVID-19 vaccine ready for production

China Adenovirus Vector COVID-19 vaccine ready for production

China Adenovirus Vector COVID-19 vaccine ready for production. China Walvax  Adenovirus Vector COVID-19 Vaccine Industrialization Base Settled in Daxing. Beijing News (Reporter Wang Kara) On December 27, Watson Biotech’s COVID-19 vaccine base settled in Beijing Daxing Biomedical Industrial Park, China.

This is also China’s first chimpanzee adenovirus vector COVID-19 vaccine industrialization base. Relying on Watson’s innovative vaccine industrialization advantages and mature production quality management system, the COVID-19 adenovirus vaccine developed by the team of Professor Zhang Linqi from Tsinghua University in China and Professor Zhou Dongming from Tianjin Medical University has entered the stage of industrialization preparation. Once the vaccine is developed Success will realize mass production in Daxing base.

China Adenovirus Vector COVID-19 vaccine ready for production



Adenovirus vector COVID-19 vaccine enters trial stage

At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in early January this year, the team of Professor Zhang Linqi and the team of Professor Zhou Dongming began to cooperate in the research of the COVID-19 virus vaccine. In May, the chimpanzee adenovirus vector vaccine with independent intellectual property rights entered the animal safety and effectiveness test stage.

The adenovirus vector COVID-19 vaccine belongs to one of the five vaccine research and development technical routes deployed by the country. Zhang Linqi, a professor at the School of Medicine of Tsinghua University and Vanke School of Public Health and Health, introduced that the five technical routes of China’s COVID-19 vaccine were basically launched within a period of time. The longer the vaccine development cycle, the safer and more effective it will be in humans. .

The results of previous studies have shown that the vaccine can induce high levels of neutralizing antibodies and specific T cell immune responses in animals, and has good immune persistence. Challenge experiments show that the COVID-19 vaccine immunization can protect rhesus monkeys from the COVID-19 virus attack.

“Knowing how the COVID-19 virus opens the human body’s’gate’ can further know how to protect this’gate’.” Professor Zhang Linqi pointed out that the COVID-19 virus S protein must bind to the human ACE2 protein before the virus can invade the human body. He compared the S protein of the new coronavirus to a “key” and the human body’s ACE2 to a “lock.” The entry of the new coronavirus into the human body is to use the “key” to open the “lock” of the human body’s ACE2, and then enter the cell and begin to replicate in large numbers, causing harm to the human body.

Professor Zhang Linqi’s team took out the “key” of the S protein, and carried it to the modified chimpanzee adenovirus vector. When the carrier transports the S protein to human cells, the human immune system will quickly assemble a specific S protein. “Key” special killing weapon: new coronavirus antibody. When the real new coronavirus comes, the human body’s special weapons are already ready to eliminate the virus outside of human cells and achieve immune protection against the new coronavirus.

Almost no side effects, more precise immune response

Professor Zhang Linqi said that because of the key point of capturing the only receptor for the new coronavirus to enter the human body, the characteristic of this type of vaccine is that the cells can produce a precise immune response and are more targeted. The adenovirus vector used comes from a rare serotype of chimpanzee.

The main reason is that there is generally no pre-stored neutralizing antibody against chimpanzee adenovirus in the human body. The biggest advantage of using this virus as a carrier vaccine is that the adverse reactions after vaccination are small. , There are many advantages in the immunization dose. There are many advantages in safety, immunogenicity, large-scale production, transportation and storage.

“At present, our vaccines have not seen side effects in animals.” Professor Zhang Linqi introduced that it is expected to apply for clinical trials in China and abroad at the end of December. Once the vaccine product is approved, it will be China’s first chimpanzee adenovirus vector for the COVID-19 vaccine. Compared with human adenovirus vectors, chimpanzee adenovirus vectors have the advantage of less pre-existing immunity in the population.

In addition, because the adenovirus vector vaccine can stimulate the body to produce humoral immunity and cellular immunity, and has the characteristics of better immunity persistence and low production cost, it has shown great advantages in the development of new coronavirus vaccines. So far, polyadenovirus vaccines have entered the clinical stage around the world, and AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine uses chimpanzee adenovirus vectors.

Professor Zhang Linqi said that from the perspective of the long-term epidemic of the new coronavirus, the first new coronavirus vaccine research and development results have been released, showing good safety and effectiveness. But long-term protection needs to continue to be observed. As the second follower, they will focus more on the comprehensive capabilities of vaccines, including effectiveness, safety, protection period, scale, and accessibility. “If the production workshop starts now, the vaccine may be put into market use on a large scale in the middle of next year.” Professor Zhang Linqi said

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