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Adenovirus Vector Recombinant vaccine: CanSinoBio VS AstraZeneca

Adenovirus Vector Recombinant vaccine: CanSinoBio VS AstraZeneca

Adenovirus Vector Recombinant vaccine: CanSinoBio VS AstraZeneca

People in Shanghai, China began to receive CanSino Vaccines from May 13, 2021.  There have been no adverse effects of thrombosis caused by Cansino vaccine till now. 

CanSino‘s adenovirus vector vaccine and AstraZeneca’s adenovirus vector vaccine use the same technical route, the difference lies in the use of different viral vectors.

  • AstraZeneca uses a chimpanzee adenovirus vector, and Cansino uses a human type 5 adenovirus vector.
  • AstraZeneca’s recommended immunization program is two injections, and CanSino’s recommended basic immunization is one dose.
  • At present, both have shown good safety and effectiveness in their respective clinical trials.

The technical principle is different

Genetic genes are the determinant of the virus’s continuous replication. No matter how the virus’s outer shell changes, as long as the genes remain unchanged, the same can be replicated.

The adenovirus vector of this vaccine removes the replication-related genes in the adenovirus (human type 5 adenovirus, Ad5), so that the virus will not replicate in the human body. Then insert the new coronavirus spike protein (S protein) gene into it.

This newly inserted gene allows the reassembled virus to enter the human body to replicate the new coronavirus spike protein in the body. Our immune system will initiate an immune response after discovering the spike protein and remember its appearance. The COVID-19 will immediately respond to clear them. 

The vaccination procedure is different-Only one dose is required for CanSino Vaccine

Different types of vaccines require different doses due to different R&D technical routes and production processes.

  • The basic immunization of adenovirus vector vaccine is 1 dose (0.5ml);
  • The current recommended basic immunization program for the new coronavirus inactivated vaccine is 2 doses (0.5ml each), and the recommended interval of vaccination is 3-8 weeks.

Data from the Phase III clinical trial of the adenovirus vector vaccine showed that 28 days after a single injection of the vaccine, the total protective efficacy of the vaccine against all symptoms was 65.28%, and the protective efficacy against severe illness was 90.07%. Judging from the results of the neutralizing antibody cross-experiment conducted so far, the vaccine has a protective effect on the mutant strain.

How long can the protective effect of adenovirus vector vaccine be maintained?

The effectiveness data collected so far proves that the protection time of Cansino adenovirus vector vaccine can reach at least 6 months. Since the vaccine development time is not long, continuous observation of the durability of vaccine immunity is still in progress. Previously, the immune durability observation of the Ebola vaccine using the same adenovirus vector technology showed that it still has sufficient protection after two years of vaccination.

I have been vaccinated with the new coronavirus inactivated vaccine, can I vaccinate the adenovirus vector vaccine again?

At this stage, it is recommended to use the same vaccine product to complete the vaccination. For those who have received one dose of inactivated vaccine, it is recommended to use inactivated vaccine to complete the whole vaccination; for those who have already received two doses of inactivated vaccine, it is not recommended to use adenovirus vaccine for boosting.

Can the adenovirus vector vaccine be vaccinated at the same time as other vaccines?

Like other new coronavirus vaccines, it is currently not recommended to vaccinate this vaccine at the same time as other vaccines. The interval between other vaccines and the new coronavirus vaccine should be greater than 14 days. When rabies vaccine, tetanus vaccine, and immune globulin need to be vaccinated due to animal injuries, trauma, etc., the interval between vaccination with the new coronavirus vaccine may not be considered.

Adenovirus Vector Recombinant vaccine: CanSinoBio VS AstraZeneca

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