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Six new advances in anti-cancer treatments in 2021

Six new advances in anti-cancer treatments in 2021


Six new advances in anti-cancer treatments in 2021. Six new advances in anti-cancer fields that patients with advanced cancer must know.

Advanced cancer = death?

In the eyes of most people, advanced cancer means that they have been sentenced to death and are about to enter the end of their lives, because these patients face more severe survival tests:

The condition is complicated, and local hospitals lack multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment conditions.

The development of personalized diagnosis and treatment plans is progressing rapidly. Standard treatments such as surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy are usually not effectively controlled, which leads to the worsening of the disease.

Clinical abandonment, patients and their families frequently seek medical attention. Cutting-edge drugs and innovative therapies


Are there really no cures for advanced cancer patients?

With the continuous deepening of cancer research around the world, more and more new anti-cancer drugs and new technologies are available, which are enough to control the progress of advanced cancer, improve the quality of life, extend life, and even make many advanced cancer patients who are about to end their lives miraculously reborn!

Entering a brand new year 2021, let’s take a look at what new developments have brought you new hopes!


I. New anti-cancer drugs

In the struggle between humans and cancer, drug treatment is a very important measure. Effective anti-cancer drugs can help patients obtain a chance of cure and a longer survival time.

For example, the broad-spectrum anti-cancer drug larotinib, which has caused a huge sensation in the cancer community in the past two years, has allowed countless families to witness the miracle from disillusionment to rebirth.


The tumor is full of 90% of the lungs, and the advanced patients who are about to die, the lesions disappeared after receiving the anti-cancer “magic drug” larotinib, and they were reborn.


In 2020, the FDA has approved nearly 50 new therapies, covering various solid tumors, and many lucky patients are waiting for new hopes and treatment options to enter the new year.

The following are the key approved drugs compiled by the Medical Department of Global Oncologist Network. We have written detailed articles for each drug, and patients can click directly.




II. New technology of radiotherapy

Radiation therapy is one of the three major techniques for the treatment of tumors. About 60% to 70% of patients need radiation therapy.

In the past two years, domestic radiotherapy technology has made breakthrough progress.

Advanced radiotherapy methods such as Sufeng knife, Cyberknife, Tomo knife (Thom knife), Proton knife, etc. have provided tumor patients with more treatment options and Better treatment effect.


1. BNCT (Boron NeutronCapture Therapy)

Boron neutron capture therapy is Japan’s first new generation of cancer treatment technology. It can selectively kill cancer cells with low side effects.

It has the advantages of only one or two treatments for 30 minutes to 60 minutes, etc., as an epoch-making significance The new generation of treatment methods has attracted the attention of the medical profession.


The alpha rays and 7Li particles produced by BNCT technology are very different from the X-rays or gamma rays used in traditional radiotherapy.

Their flight distance is short (about the length of a cell), so the alpha rays and 7Li particles opposite to the tumor cell core The influence of surrounding normal tissues is small; but the biological effect achieved by BNCT is more than 2 to 3 times that of X-ray or γ-ray, and the physical effect is equivalent to X-ray and γ-ray.

Therefore, the radiotherapy community is looking forward to using BNCT to get better results.



Six new advances in anti-cancer treatments in 2021



According to the research team of Kyoto University and Osaka University, the Japanese Society for Cancer Therapy (http://www.jsco.or.jp/jpn/) held on October 29, 2015, published at the 53rd academic assembly The case report shows that after conducting clinical trials on 37 patients with end-stage head and neck cancer, more than half of the patients’ cancer cells disappeared!




2.TOMO knife

Tom Knife is the only radiotherapy equipment in the world that uses spiral CT scanning to treat cancer.


Tom Knife tomotherapy (spiral tomotherapy) is a combination of IMRT (intensity-modulated conformal radiotherapy), IGRT (image-guided intensity-modulated conformal radiotherapy), DGRT (dose-guided intensity-modulated conformal radiotherapy), and can accurately It is an advanced tumor radiotherapy equipment that controls the intensity and direction of the radiation, and targets the shape and size of cancer cells.

It is an advanced tumor radiotherapy equipment.

It has been introduced by large-scale tertiary hospitals in China. It has been launched earlier in Japan and has rich clinical experience.


Compared with other radiotherapy equipment, the biggest advantage of the Tom Knife is that it has a wide range of indications, irregular and huge lesions, multiple metastases throughout the body, and other lesions that cannot be treated by ordinary radiotherapy and protons can be treated by Tom Knife. 



Six new advances in anti-cancer treatments in 2021


3. Proton therapy

After half of actual clinical application and research, proton therapy technology has been recognized as an advanced technology in the field of radiotherapy.

It is known as the “top version” radiotherapy technology.

Due to its unique Bragg peak, it can penetrate extremely fast The human body only releases the maximum energy in specific parts of the cancer cells to kill the cancer cells without harming the surrounding normal tissues.

The side effects are small. At present, more and more developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan are applying proton therapy to the treatment of tumors.


Three advantages of proton therapy:

  • Doctors can control where protons release most of the anti-cancer energy.
  • Proton radiation can minimize the damage to normal tissues.
  • Reduce the incidence of secondary tumors.


4. New tumor vaccine

Cancer vaccine is one of the latest treatments in cancer immunotherapy, and it is also the third trump card of immunotherapy.

In 2020, the global cancer “therapeutic vaccine” research and development is blooming everywhere. Cancer vaccines for various types of cancer have come out, and exciting clinical data have been obtained.

Personalized cancer vaccines usher in a blowout era!


Different from immune checkpoint inhibitors and adoptive cell therapy, the reason why mankind hopes that vaccines can prevent and conquer various diseases, including cancer, is because vaccines are used to prevent infectious diseases or prevent and treat cancer. They work through similar mechanisms: they teach the immune system to recognize infectious pathogens or cancer cells as foreign substances that need to be eliminated.

There are special proteins on the surface of cancer cells. By targeting these proteins, the immune system can specifically eliminate cancer cells without harming normal cells.

In addition, the vaccine can prevent the recurrence of cancer and remove the remaining cancer cells after treatment.

In the past 30 years, cancer vaccines have been extensively studied in animal models and humans, involving many different types of cancer.



6. Electric field therapy

On May 13, 2020, the American anti-cancer black technology tumor electric field therapy-Optune was officially registered in China, and was approved by the National Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of adult patients with histologically confirmed recurrent glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) (22 years or older), and combined with temozolomide to treat newly diagnosed glioblastoma. At the same time, it also has its own famous Chinese name-Aipu Dun!

The reason why this therapy is called anti-cancer black technology is that its principle is different from all traditional treatment modes, including surgery, drug therapy, and radiation therapy.


It is worth mentioning that this “all-round dark horse” has been clinically proven to be more suitable for Asian patients. In the internationally renowned EF-14 trial, during a 5-year follow-up, regardless of health status, age, gender, and tumor size, the electric field The treatment plus chemotherapy group lived longer.

The five-year survival rate is as high as 13%, compared to only 5% in the chemotherapy group.


Extends more than twice! This is absolutely unprecedented. Among them, the survival rate of Asian patients who received electric field therapy was higher than that of the electric field treatment population in the entire EF-14 experiment (the one-year survival rate and the two-year survival rate were 95.6% VS 73% and 59.9% VS 43%, respectively).

This further shows that Asian patients can benefit more from electric field therapy.


6. “New anti-cancer force”-intestinal flora

In recent years, immune checkpoint inhibitors have become one of the major breakthroughs in the field of cancer.

However, the effective rate is only 20~30%, and in some types of cancer, there is almost no response!

Interestingly, recent human clinical studies and preclinical trials have shown that patients with a “beneficial” gut microbiome show an enhanced response to immunotherapy.

So if we transplant “beneficial” bacteria into cancer patients, can we enhance the effect of immunotherapy?


On December 10, 2020, the research team of Professor Gal Markel of Tel Aviv University Medical Center in Israel published a blockbuster study in the journal Science.

The results confirmed that patients who did not respond to PD-1 treatment received fecal bacteria transplantation.

After receiving PD-1 treatment, there was a miraculous reversal, and two advanced patients achieved complete remission! Intestinal flora can really enhance the effect of immunotherapy! 


Six new advances in anti-cancer treatments in 2021


In the fields of cancer and immune diseases, adjusting the gut microbiome to improve efficacy is one of the hot research directions, but the controversy about probiotics will undoubtedly continue.

At the beginning of the year, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and The Lancet Sub-journals also published editorials to discuss that individualized probiotic flora may be a future treatment strategy.

It is hoped that more and more of the doors of defeating cancer by regulating the autoimmune function of patients will be opened, so that patients have more and better treatment options and prognosis.

Towards 2021! More new therapies illuminate the light of life for cancer patients!


The latest developments in the above five anti-cancer fields are only a small part of the many research and development hotspots this year. Many new drug developments and innovative technologies are on the way. I believe that more drugs and new technologies will come out in 2021!


We believe that with the joint promotion of medical research and countless patients and medical workers, cancer patients will get better and better in the future.

With this best wishes, we hope that the society will get better and better and the medical treatment will get better and better!

Everyone must have firm confidence, the road ahead will become brighter and brighter!





Six new advances in anti-cancer treatments in 2021

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