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Nervous system disorders: Craniocerebral crush injury

Nervous system disorders: Craniocerebral crush injury


Nervous system disorders: Craniocerebral crush injury. What is a crush injury? What is the prognostic effect?

When the head is relatively fixed, it is squeezed by the opposite external force on both sides and injured (Figure 1-5), especially the birth injury of the baby’s head, occasionally seen in the head crush injury caused by accident, due to violence In the head, there is no acceleration or deceleration injury effect, so there is often no obvious damage to the brain tissue. Sometimes the skull has been fractured, even causing leakage of ear, nose and cerebrospinal fluid, but there is no brain injury.

However, when the squeezing force is too strong and the action time is longer, the skull may be severely deformed or even cracked, and the brain tissue may also be damaged and compressed, such as the structure of the brain midline and the lowering of the brain stem, or even brain herniation. , Endangering the life of the patient, cannot be ignored.

Nervous system disorders: Craniocerebral crush injury

Figure 1-5 Schematic diagram of head crush injury

The human nervous system is composed of the brain and spinal cord (called the central nervous system), cranial and spinal nerves (called the peripheral nervous system), and sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves (called the autonomic nervous system). It is the highest organ of the human body, dominating all human life activities. In our daily diagnosis and treatment work, we deal with various diseases for patients with neurological diseases every day and answer questions related to their diseases. On this basis, we organize the common questions raised by disease categories. It aims to provide guidance and help for the vast number of patients with the nervous system to seek medical advice!


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