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How to check a person with demyelination?

How to check a person with demyelination?

How to check a person with demyelination? What is a demyelination test? What is demyelination?


How to check a person with demyelination?

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Some people who don’t know the cause can go for a lumbar puncture or cerebrospinal fluid test!

Demyelination is the peeling of wires! My brain was shocked by the “copper wire in the wire”, so something went wrong! This is really a big brain hole! But the human body’s nerves are not wires, there are no power plants in the body, and organs are not electrical appliances.

Nerve conduction is conducted by means including bioelectricity. Even if there is no myelin sheath, the axon inside the nerve will not be electrically connected to the external nerve cells, not to mention some parts of the nerve such as Langfei’s knot, and some types such as The unmyelinated fiber itself is not covered by myelin sheath.

Wire peeling can be repaired with insulating tape. After demyelination, an operation can be performed. Is it possible to wrap the damaged nerve with biological materials through technological means? It sounds like a good idea! But myelin sheath is not a wire sheath after all. Myelin sheath is also alive. In the head and spinal cord, it is composed of oligodendrocytes (Xiao Shao), and the peripheral nerves are composed of Schwann cells (Xiao Xue).

These cells deform like the cartoon “Baba Papa”, which can surround the axons, form an insulating myelin structure, assist in the jumping and efficient transmission of bioelectrical signals, and maintain and protect the normal function of neurons. Their abnormalities Not only can it cause demyelination, but it can also cause neuronal damage, and even cause tumors.

At present, no biological material can have such a strong comprehensive strength. Therefore, it is not feasible to use microsurgical methods to repair by tape or glue. what! Don’t the wires run along the copper wire? How could it be a jump pass?

Using wires to explain nerves is just an analogy. The nerves of the human body are much more complex and efficient than wires in terms of structure and conduction function. The understanding of them is not very thorough, and this is not yet possible through implant materials. Another important reason for repair.

The myelin sheath is mainly composed of lipids with extremely poor conductivity. The aforementioned Langfei’s junction is the non-myelinated area. Only here can the axon membrane come into contact with the extracellular fluid to generate a potential, so that the local current can only occur in Between adjacent Langfei junctions, this kind of efficient jump transfer is produced.

The exact mechanism of this jump transfer is not very clear, and it is also an efficient transfer method that modern technology cannot simulate.


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