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Can a healthy person get cancer if injected cancer cells into body ?

Can a healthy person get cancer if injected cancer cells into body ?


Can a healthy person get cancer if injected cancer cells into body ? American scientists did experiments.

“Sleep deprivation test recruits volunteers, two days of no sleep will be awarded 300 dollars…”

“The “silent room” in the United States, you can get 1,000 dollars for one hour…”

Seeing these medical experiments, do you think you are doing it again? Medical trials are an important means of medical exploration and progress. The development of any drug treatment cannot be separated from trials. Although some medical trials we have seen seem to be easy, in fact, in the history of medical development, there are some trials. It’s crazy.



In order to prove that cancer is not contagious, cancer cells are injected into the body

In order to verify that cancer cells are not contagious, American virologist Southam first conducted experiments with cancer patients, and then conducted experiments with healthy prison inmates.

This is how it happened. In 1954, in order to prove that cancer cells were not contagious, Southam put a needle mixed with cancer cells on a woman with leukemia, and then injected malignant tumor cells into more than a dozen cancers. The patient’s body. In the following period of time, the patients had reactions at the injection site, and some patients even developed tumors with a diameter of 2 cm.

However, Southam believes that these patients themselves have cancer and cannot represent the results of the trial. So, two years later, Southam unexpectedly recruited volunteers through the “Ohio Prison Newsletter” to experiment on healthy prisoners.

Southam injected cancer cells into 65 prisoners. Unlike cancer patients, some of these prisoners defeated cancer cells by relying on their strong immunity, and as the number of injections increased, the body responded faster. However, he still did not stop. In the following years, Southam injected 600 people with various cancer cells including HeLa cells.

People didn’t know the truth about this until 1963 when Southam was going to experiment with patients from the Brooklyn Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital. When a reporter asked why he didn’t inject himself, he actually bluntly said that the experiment was done by himself. Unwise approach.

In subsequent investigations, many doctors actually defended Southam, believing that Southam’s actions were right. Moreover, Southam was later elected the president of the American Association for Cancer Research.

Indeed, people like Southam exist, such as a British tobacco company experimenting with dogs to prove that smoking does not harm health.

Can a healthy person get cancer if injected cancer cells into body ?




To prove that smoking is harmless, the dog is forced to smoke 100 cigarettes a day

As we all know, smoking is harmful to health, but if everyone adheres to this concept and puts an end to all cigarettes, tobacco companies will go bankrupt. Therefore, a tobacco company in the United Kingdom, in order to ensure the sales of cigarettes, has made an amazing experiment-let dogs smoke, in order to prove that smoking is harmless to health, this experiment is a heinous hound experiment.

Researchers from this tobacco company prepared 100 healthy and lively hounds. After a period of careful breeding, they started smoking experiments. They smoke 100 cigarettes a day in the hound’s room, and then use a special pipe to “send” these cigarettes into the hound’s lungs, and obtain the results of the experiment by observing the hound’s lung characteristics and physical changes. Finally, the tobacco company announced that even if they smoke 100 cigarettes a day, the hounds are still healthy, without exception.

However, people questioned the results of the tobacco company’s test. Finally, the secret was exposed by Mary in 1975.

Mary is a reporter, and when she heard the results of this experiment, she guessed that the tobacco company was lying. Therefore, she decided to sneak into the tobacco company to investigate the experiment.

Can a healthy person get cancer if injected cancer cells into body ?


The results confirmed her guess that the results of this test were false. Not only that, Mary found that during the experiment, the hounds suffered tremendous physical pain due to smoking a lot of tobacco, and became weaker day by day, and could not live for more than a month. In order to force the hounds to look healthy, the experimenters also used electric shocks to stimulate the hounds. What shocked Mary most was that every time a hound died, the staff of the tobacco company would replace it with a new hound, which also meant that the hounds before and after the hound test were not the same batch.

So Mary wrote an article called “Smoking Beagles”, exposing the cruel and inhumane hound experiment conducted by the tobacco company 20 years ago for self-interest. The truth finally surfaced, and finally, in the protests of people. In China, the tobacco company’s sales have been declining year by year, and even the local tobacco market has been considerably affected.

Cigarettes contain harmful substances such as nicotine, tar, alkaloids, etc., which are very harmful to health. Not only that, long-term heavy smoking can also increase the risk of cancer. The most frightening thing is that second-hand smoke and third-hand smoke have unimaginable health hazards. Therefore, quitting smoking is not only for personal health, but also to ensure the health of others.

However, when it comes to health, the most talked about now is the COVID-19 pneumonia. Fortunately, some countries already has a COVID-19 vaccine and it is free of charge. However, in the UK, in order to test the COVID-19 vaccine, there is a “human challenge test”, deliberately Let people be infected with the new coronavirus.




In order to test the COVID-19 vaccine, deliberately let people be infected with COVID-19

In February of this year, the British government passed a special experiment-the new coronavirus “human challenge test”, which was jointly conducted by the British government’s vaccine task force, medical laboratory companies, and Imperial College, and received 33.6 million from the British government. The pound sterling was used as financial support to recruit 90 healthy volunteers aged 18 to 30 who have not been infected with the COVID-19 virus, deliberately infect them with the COVID-19 virus, and then observe how the COVID-19 virus infects healthy people, and further test which COVID-19 vaccine More effective.

It is worth mentioning that these volunteers participating in the experiment can get a year of 4,500 pounds, and a year of follow-up testing, which is volunteer compensation.

In fact, there are countless trials like the above, but should such trials be carried out? Worth pondering……




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