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The correct posture for insulin injection

The correct posture for insulin injection


The correct posture for insulin injection. Insulin subcutaneous injection therapy is a very important and effective treatment to help diabetic patients control blood sugar. But for diabetic patients without any medical basis, subcutaneous insulin injection is a thorny problem.

  The correct posture for insulin injection  

Irregular insulin injection methods will not only seriously affect the absorption of insulin and affect the hypoglycemic effect, but also cause problems such as subcutaneous fat proliferation and subcutaneous hard nodules, making patients suffer from skin and flesh.

Having said that, I believe you can’t wait to learn how to inject insulin correctly. Here is a detailed answer for you.



Insulin injection method: subcutaneous injection.

This is a method of injecting a small amount of liquid medicine or biological agents into the subcutaneous tissue.

The correct posture for insulin injection

Insulin injection site: optional sites include upper arms, abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

  • Upper arm: The side or underside of the upper arm, because the subcutaneous tissue here is thicker, resulting in a lower probability of intramuscular injection.
  • Abdomen: With the navel as the center and the distance of 2.5 cm in radius, the closer to the waist (even in obese patients), the thickness of the subcutaneous tissue will become weaker, which is likely to cause intramuscular injection.
  • Buttocks: The upper outer part of the buttocks, even for children or thin patients, the subcutaneous tissue in this part is still abundant, which minimizes the risk of intramuscular injection!
  • Thigh: The outer thigh, the subcutaneous tissue is thicker, and it is far from the blood vessels and sciatic nerve of the thigh. The needles have a lower probability of causing trauma.

Reasonable rotation of the injection site: Correct and effective rotation of the injection site plays an extremely important role in ensuring that insulin can be effectively absorbed and exerted, minimizing the adverse reactions of injections, and minimizing the discomfort of patients.

Rotation methods include rotation of different injection sites and regional rotation within the same injection site. The injection site rotation program is mainly to divide the injection site into four quadrants. The thigh or buttocks can be divided into two equal areas. One quadrant is used every week and the rotation is always clockwise. If the injection is performed in a quadrant or an aliquot, the point that should be paid attention to is that each injection point should be changed and should be spaced at least one centimeter apart to avoid repeated tissue damage, causing subcutaneous fat atrophy and subcutaneous induration and other undesirable consequences.

The correct posture for insulin injection


The correct posture for insulin injection


Insulin needles should be used once: Many patients repeatedly use insulin injection needles to save costs or for other reasons. This approach is very harmful.

Studies have shown that after repeated use of insulin injection needles, the lubrication layer on the needle surface will fall off, and the needle will become dull, causing problems such as burrs, bends and barbs on the needle, which will cause bleeding and abrasions at the injection site during the injection process. And so on, increase the patient’s pain, directly affect the patient’s medication compliance.

Secondly, the residual liquid in the insulin needle used repeatedly will affect the accuracy of the insulin dose, resulting in insufficient dosage of the patient’s medication, affecting the efficacy of the medication, and over time, causing the patient’s blood sugar control to fail to meet the standard. In addition, the remaining insulin will form crystals, which may block the needle and affect the injection.

Third, the bacteria on the needle after repeated use can enter the refill through the needle tube, which will not only contaminate the liquid medicine but also increase the risk of local skin contamination and infection, which will eventually increase the treatment cost. In summary, the disposable insulin needle is necessary.

The correct posture for insulin injection

Through the sharing of the above content, I hope that the majority of diabetic patients can benefit from it and understand and master the standardized methods of insulin subcutaneous injection, which can not only control sugar safely and effectively, but also avoid the suffering of skin and flesh.


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