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How to preserve insulin?

How to preserve insulin?


How to preserve insulin? Insulin is one of the methods to treat diabetes, especially for patients with type I diabetes, insulin is a lifelong partner, but insulin is also easily affected by the environment, how to properly maintain insulin?

How to preserve insulin?

Improper storage of insulin will cause deterioration, and its efficacy will be greatly reduced, affecting blood sugar control, and even causing infection symptoms such as redness, swelling, and itching around the injection site. To store insulin correctly, there are different preservation methods for different situations:


Unopened insulin

Unopened insulin should be kept in a refrigerator at 2-8°C, in which case the insulin can be stored for a long time.

Note: Do not close to the back wall of the refrigerator to avoid freezing of insulin when the temperature is too low; if the refrigerator is frequently opened, do not put it on the refrigerator door to prevent the insulin from shaking or overturning.


Opened insulin

Insulin that has been opened and in normal use can be stored at room temperature (18°C to 25°C) without returning to the refrigerator.

Note: Keep it away from light, and avoid placing it near TVs, microwave ovens and other heat-generating household appliances; if the room temperature is too high, put it back in the refrigerator for refrigeration; the insulin should be used up within 4 weeks after opening.


Take it with you when you go out

Whether you are traveling for business or traveling, driving or taking public transportation, you should avoid exposing insulin to high temperatures. You can put it in your carry-on bag or store it in a thermal bag with ice.

Note: Insulin cannot be placed in the trunk to avoid leaving it in the car; insulin cannot be checked in with luggage when taking an airplane, and a certificate of insulin should be issued in the hospital and carried with you.


Precautions for using insulin

  • Frozen insulin, even if it is thawed, cannot be used again;
  • Do not use the insulin immediately after taking out the insulin from the refrigerator. You should wait for it to warm up before using it to avoid discomfort during injection;
  • Insulin may destroy its activity when it oscillates violently, so insulin should be handled with care to avoid violent oscillations;
  • Before using insulin, read the instructions carefully and use it within the validity period



How to preserve insulin? 

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