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How to prevent Crohn’s disease?

How to prevent Crohn’s disease?


How to prevent Crohn’s disease? Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disease, a disease caused by a disorder of the immune system.

How to prevent Crohn's disease?

Stool characteristics of Crohn’s disease: stool may not be shaped or bloody in the stool, but there is no way to determine specific stool characteristics through this type of disease, that is to say, similar diseases, stool characteristics for everyone They are not necessarily the same, there is no particularity, and there is no typicality, so there is no way to judge the specific situation of stool.

It is necessary to combine colonoscopy, imaging examinations, blood routines, autoantibodies and other related examinations to make a comprehensive judgment and analysis. There is no way to judge the specific situation simply by stool.

Normally, we must pay attention to keeping the abdomen warm, try to reduce the intake of shrimps or other seafood or high-protein foods, control the amount, and minimize the food that causes allergic reactions. Normally, it can be relieved by appropriate abdomen, hot compress, moxibustion, massage and other related methods. It can also be relieved by Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, and pay attention to the treatment of western medicine.

The prevention of Crohn’s disease is divided into two aspects'”

First, Crohn’s disease is inflammatory bowel disease, a disease caused by immune system disorders. Normal people must pay attention to cold and warm, pay attention to a light diet, eat less irritating things, tobacco and alcohol, and sour and sweet things as much as possible Eat less, eat less food that is too oily and greasy, to protect the gastrointestinal function,

Second, if Crohn’s disease is diagnosed, then its prevention is different from ulcerative colitis. To a certain extent, Crohn’s disease is more serious. Crohn’s disease can involve the entire digestive tract, diarrhea, constipation, intestinal bleeding, and even obstruction.

Patients who have developed Crohn’s disease should pay attention to maintaining for a long time. During the remission period, the hospitalization rate should be reduced as much as possible, and the incidence of surgery caused by intestinal obstruction should be reduced. For half a year or a year, check the inflammatory indicators, such as blood routine erythrocyte sedimentation rate C-reactive protein, etc. There is also a calprotectin that is widely used in China, which is a new indicator.

Patients must learn to manage themselves, for example, in terms of diet, emotions, and weather changes must be very careful, so that the patient’s condition remains stable without further development.


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